What is the reason for the divorce

������The reasons for the divorce can be great variety. But psychologists distinguish six main ones that inevitably lead to a rupture of relations.
In the first place - it is not ready for family relationships. Loving people entering into marriage rarely realize that a happy family life is not only a romantic relationship to which they are accustomed. In marriage, you need to work seriously on relationships, be able to listen, understand, forgive, tune out, compromise, look for common solutions to any issues. Family is not only love, but a great responsibility, mutual understanding and respect. Against the background of family everyday life, there should be a feeling of warmth, friendship. If the mad passion has subsided, but it has not been replaced by something more, the meaning of living together is completely lost. There is a question about divorce.
No less relevant reason, pushing the spouses to divorce - the incompatibility of characters and attitudes. Comfortable living with each other is possible if there is mutual interest in this or that matter. The common goal, life principles, common cause unites the spouses.If there is nothing of this, a vacuum appears, that is, a complete emptiness. Spouses understand that further cohabitation is a road to nowhere.
Another popular reason for pushing spouses to divorce is money. If the marriage was concluded by calculation, and the calculation was not justified, this is the inevitable way to end the relationship. Lack of money also often, but not always, leads to divorce.
The acquisition of addictions by one of the spouses is another reason for divorce. Alcoholism, gambling addiction, drug addiction - the reasons that lead to divorce in most cases.
Marital infidelity and sexual incompatibility stand in fifth and sixth places and are causes leading to a break in relations.
These are only the main points, which according to statistics and, according to psychologists, lead to a rupture of relations in most cases. The remaining reasons for a divorce include: infertility of one of the spouses, the absence of their own housing, separation or long absence, imprisonment, etc.