What is the shelf life of boiled eggs in the refrigerator


As eggs contain a large amount of protein and a minimum of calories, this product is included in the daily menu. In this regard, the question arises: how many boiled eggs are stored in the refrigerator? He especially worries before Easter and other holidays, and also after them. Many factors affect the shelf life that need to be considered in order to preserve the product before the scheduled date. In the summer without a refrigerator it is better not to store eggs, as they quickly deteriorate.

How many boiled eggs are stored?

Despite the fact that a wide range of temperatures is acceptable for storing fresh eggs, more stringent conditions are imposed on the product in boiled form. They are not recommended to be stored without a refrigerator, especially during periods of heat. In the summer it is desirable to use the product during the day.

So, how much time are stored boiled eggs in the refrigerator? At temperatures from 0 to +5 degrees, the shelf life is 3-4 days. And how long are peeled boiled eggs stored? At temperatures from 0 to +3degrees - 2 days.


When storing a boiled egg, it must be placed in a plastic or metal container. But first you need to conduct a thorough inspection for the presence of cracks on the shell. If they are found, such eggs are recommended to be among the first. In the case when a foul odor is felt, the product must be discarded, otherwise serious food poisoning is possible.

On a note! Before the Easter holidays, many pre-cook and color eggshells. If the top is processed with vegetable oil for shine, the product can be stored for up to a week at a moderate temperature. Oil will help cork pores on the shell and provide protection from external factors.

Some ask the question: how many boiled eggs are stored without a refrigerator? It all depends on the temperature of the environment. But in order to prevent poisoning, it is desirable to use it within a day.

How long can you keep fresh eggs?

The shelf-life of raw eggs in the refrigerator can be divided into the following stages:

  • less than a day- the egg is considered dietary for 24 hours, during this period it can be consumed raw, it contains a maximum of useful components;
  • 1-25 days- table egg, it can be eaten after a little heat treatment;
  • 25-35 days- such eggs can be consumed only in boiled form "hard-boiled".


On a note! Raw eggs should be stored at a temperature of +3 to +20 degrees. Before this, washing them is prohibited, as the period of storage is significantly reduced when the protective layer is washed off. Eggs need to be stored in special containers that will protect the product from foreign odors, freely penetrating through the shell. It is not recommended to place them on the door of the refrigerator, since in this place there are strong fluctuations in temperature at the moments of opening.

The shelf life of different types of eggs

The most common are chicken eggs. They are used throughout cooking. However, there are other varieties of eggs.

So how many days can homemade raw eggs be stored in the fridge? Terms of products of different types are as follows:

  • chicken- up to 45 days;
  • quail- 30 days (maximum benefit possible when stored for 10 days);
  • goose- 14 days;
  • turkeys- up to 2.5 months.

Factors affecting the shelf life of eggs

How many days are stored fresh or boiled chicken eggs in the refrigerator, several factors affect:

  • temperature;
  • cooking technology (in case of boiled egg);
  • the freshness of the product (if the egg was initially laid in the refrigerator for about 20 days, its shelf life in boiled form will be less than that which was stored for the whole day);
  • possible damage to the shell.

On a note! To avoid cracks in the shell, when cooking, do not dramatically lower the cooled eggs into boiling water. It is also recommended that they be inspected for damage prior to preparation. Otherwise, storage times are dramatically reduced.

How to extend the shelf life of boiled eggs?

To ensure the maximum shelf life of eggs in boiled form, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Boil the egg "hard-boiled" (you need to boil for at least 10 minutes).
  2. Cool by placing in cold water. Wipe dry with a napkin.
  3. Transfer to a plastic container (you can use an enameled container with a lid). Place in the refrigerator deep (not on the door).

So how much time is the boiled egg stored in the refrigerator under all conditions? If the product was fresh before cooking,in a boiled form it can lie about a week.


Despite the fact that there is a specific answer to the question of how many boiled eggs are stored, these are approximate values. After all, the shelf life varies under the influence of certain factors in one direction or another. If the temperature is suitable, there are no cracks in the shell, the eggs were fresh and not placed on the door of the refrigerator, they will lie much longer.