What kind of relationship should be?

When lovers find each other, their relationship is a real idyll. They love, soar in the clouds, they think only of the good. Unfortunately, over time, it all disappears somewhere and, more recently, such a tender relationship, are replaced by quarrels and scandals. The thing is that people get to know each other more, start to notice some shortcomings and this leads to conflicts. Many people do not understand what kind of relationship they should have, so they cannot build a family. Let's see how a boy and a girl should behave in order to one day become husband and wife.

10 rules of ideal relationships

  • Love and only love! The most important thing in each pair is the presence of such a strong feeling as love. If it is not, then no matter how hard you try, you will not succeed in an ideal relationship. So, if you really feel love for your soul mate, if you feel that your life without it loses its meaning, this is a signal that it is possible and even necessary to fight for your common happiness.
  • Respect. However trite it may sound, you should respect each other.This means that it is necessary not only to treat your loved one with respect, but also to respect his interests, to reckon with them, and not to bend your line constantly, thinking that you are always right. People are all different, so you need to respect the opinions of others.
  • Understanding and support. Sometimes we do not understand the experiences of another person. It may sometimes seem to you that he or she worries over trifles. Just as often half will want something that you are not interested. So, understanding and support - that’s what should be in a relationship. Support each other in all endeavors and in all aspirations.
  • Passion. Always maintain passion, even if it will not be the same as at first. To do this, stay alone more often, just walk together, talk about your feelings. As for intimate life, surrender to the full, be one.
  • Simplicity. Any relationship should be simple. You have nothing to say abstruse philosophical phrases, put on the mask of another person and hold back what I want to say. Be easier with each other, now you are native people and you no longer need to hide your real "I."
  • Fidelity.It goes without saying that betrayal in a relationship is not acceptable. If you want to build a perfect family, even think about forgetting lies and betrayal. And if the thoughts of another person are all the time, it is worth thinking, maybe you feel fake feelings for your half?
  • Total work Do something together. Only common work, joint efforts strengthen relationships and bring them to a new level. Moreover, if you want to get married in the future, then remember that in marriage, in addition to fun, there will also be duties that you both will perform. So, if you do not want your family boat to crash about life - rehearse. Clean, cook, go to the store together, help, for example, your grandmother to paint the windows, plant potatoes, etc.
  • Freedom and equality. Do not create your own half such conditions in which she will feel as if she is in slavery. How should relationships develop? They should be built on trust, so you shouldn’t rummage through your loved one’s or loved one’s phone, forbid meeting friends, etc. Show that you do not hold or bind your chosen one to you, and he will not want you to go anywhere.
  • Happiness.Relationships should bring a feeling of sincere happiness to both partners. If you do not feel that with this person you are so good that you would never change him for anything, then the idyll will not work.
  • Care. Take care of your half! Think of her well-being, help in illness, and never demand anything in return. When people think about each other, experience and care about - this is love.

Now you know what an ideal relationship should be. Remember that everything is only in your hands, you can create a strong and loving family or break your love about misunderstanding and unwillingness to go to a meeting.