What make soap?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
February 12, 2013
What make soap?

With the advent of modern household cleaning products, the good old laundry soap has departed not even to the second, but to the third plan. But this is one of the most effective means for washing clothes and personal hygiene. Some 30 years ago, they regularly washed their hair, and only non-food soda could perhaps compare with laundry soap in matters of cleaning clothes.

What is the secret of such a powerful otstiryvayuschego effect at the lowest cost (soap and today is one of the most economical means of washing among the range of household chemicals). The main reason - the composition of soap. According to GOST, it contains large amounts of natural fatty acids (there are more than 70% of them in the product) and alkalis (from 0.15 to 0.20%). This composition allows to achieve a high pH of pH 11-12. And hydrogen, as you know, perfectly splits dirt. In addition, the soap also has excellent antibacterial properties, so that in addition to the visible dirt, the lion's share of germs disappears from clothes.

Knowing this, some fanatical mommies, for example, treat conjunctivitis in the case of their own children with a dirty mind: they thoroughly wash the eyes of a sick child. It is cruel and painful, but, according to the testers, it is effective.

Depending on the amount of fat, soap is divided into three categories. The first get the party, in which no less than 70.5% of fatty acids, in the second - 69.0%, and the third - 64.0%.

The recipe for laundry soap

Recipe 1

Soap-making is now in fashion and laundry soap is no exception. The hostesses, of course, deviate from the generally accepted GOST, but the principle of the formulation remains the same: most of the household soap is made up of various kinds of oils, “diluted” with a small amount of alkali.

Here, for example, from which make soap soap member of one of the thematic forums. The composition of "dishes":

  • Castor oil 80g. (10%)
  • Coconut oil 80 gr. (10%)
  • Sunflower oil 640 gr. (80%)
  • Alkali NaOH 108.9 gr. (it includes an overweight of 2%)
  • Water 30%

Recipe 2

Or another recipe:

  • Corn oil 50 gr. Perezhir 21 gr (7%)
  • 2. Coconut oil 75 gr.
  • 3. Palm oil 175 gr.
  • 4. Water 99 gr.
  • 5. Alkali NaOH 45 gr.

This soap is prepared in the hot way and is an excellent tool for washing clothes, and for personal hygiene.