On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?

Women's glossy magazines often shock us with their urge to go on dates only in mini and red, work out strange tactics on men (this is almost a sorcery, only from supposedly "psychologists") and in general not tire of embodying the image of an ideal super-wuman which used to be pregnant, barefoot and at the stove, and now in louboutins, with a double boiler and a baby in her arms on Instagram.

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But, it turns out, these same journals can go even further in terms of humiliating attitude towards their target audience - for example, to invite the male editor to tell about the body parts of women who do not like men. One very famous publication about beauty did exactly that, and the invited author, with an insultingly pretentious tone peculiar to our men, took and condemned women's ears and feet in this way. The former did not please him by being fat and bulging, and secondly, he did not like the swollen veins, bones and patches as direct evidence of female imperfection.On the proposal to hide imperfect ears under curls, and imperfect legs - under the table, we want to advise the author to hide under the table and never write a single line, but in response to his touching comment on the fact that men are ridiculously choosy for women beauty, we decided to review the male parts of the body, which we can not look without disgust. And they, you guessed it, turned out to be more than two ...

"Outstanding" belly

While women sweat on simulators and drag themselves down with bandage dresses to look like an hourglass, men consume foaming alcohol and have nothing against being an apple. They do not have, and we protest in protest against this male imperfection.

On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?


Sagging "fifth point"

Inflated priest for our man - this is about the strippers and the "blue", then only not about the real macho. We have to spy on Justin Bieber on Instagram and ask ourselves a rhetorical question: why, with such a well, very far from ideal ass, our men at sea with great preference use tight swimsuits to any beach shorts?


On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?

Bulging shoulders

At the cost of dumbbells like four bottles of beer, you can not mention the gym membership at this point ... However, you can use for exercises and bottles in front of the TV, the main thing is to discover that between teenage bony shoulders and Hulk Hogan's “banks” and between women's AA and DD, there is a nice middle ground.

On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?



The most relevant discourse on feminism and the female body for this year is to shave or not to shave the armpits. No less relevant question for any woman in the metro in August - when will men start these same armpits, if not to shave, then at least wash in the morning?

On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?

Hair, trimmed for 200 rubles

Girls, never marry a man who cuts hair with a hairdresser next to a supermarket, because if he saves on his appearance so much, then in the future he will definitely call you a spender for having bought a hair dryer more expensive than his razor.

On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?

Uneven bite

You can, of course, blame parents for everything, who believe that for girls beautiful teeth are like a certificate with fives, and for boys this is a waste of money.But, men, when you have grown up, why do you still not know that an orthodontist is a doctor, and not some kind of dinosaur there?

On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?

Scruffy nails

At that moment, when men will become accustomed to say “I can’t go to the cinema with you today, I have a manicure after work” the world will be turned upside down. And soon this “apocalypse” of the name of the nails trimmed in the shape of a hexagon had already occurred, otherwise we wait, we will not wait.

On what parts of the body of men can women not watch?

Dirty heels

And going back to the miraculous critical opus from a male editor who did not approve of veins, bones and heels, not like a baby’s. You, men, have clean heels, treated with pumice, this is already a holiday and it happens only a few times over the summer.