What program opens iso?

Vladislav Meriin
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What program opens iso?

ISO files are DVD and CD data images based on the ISO-9660 standard. Such files contain an exact copy of the physical CD, that is, it is data about the file system, file attributes, directory structure, and boot information.

I must say that disk images are a very useful component for creating DVD and CD copies. When creating a copy of such an image, a detailed copy of each bit of the compact disc is in progress. While with regular copying of DVD and CD files, information about the disc title, tracks, and boot information may be lost.

To open files with the ISO extension requires a special program. To do this, download the program opens the ISO.

Let's see what program opens the ISO? There are several such programs. These programs are: DAEMON Tools; Gilles Vollant WinImage; PowerISO; Gilles Vollant WinImage; WinRAR; WinISO; Alcohol 120%; ISOBuster.

Work with the program

However, with such a large selection of such programs, the question remainswhich one is better? What program to open iso file? One of the most popular programs for opening ISO files is the program. After downloading it, install it on your computer. Next, run the program, then, in the lower right corner of the desktop, the program icon appears. After which a window should appear. In it, you need to select the appropriate image and click OK. After that, a window should appear in which you need to open the folder, and it will already show the contents of the image. To close the image, again, click on the program icon, and unmount all the drives. Here, in general, and everything, as you see, is nothing complicated.

Of course, you can carry out this procedure with the help of other programs. As we have said, the choice is sufficient, and therefore, it all depends on which of these programs you will work most conveniently.