What should I do if my eye hurts?

Pain in the eye, as in other, and other pain in your body, can not be ignored. Light tingling in the eye area can lead to more than unpleasant consequences. And self-treatment is not an option. Without a professional examination, it is difficult to determine exactly what causes pain in the eye. Ophthalmologists argue that eye pain is different, starting with mild discomfort and to more severe, aching, pulling, not giving rest. Eye pain occurs for a variety of reasons. This may be typical fatigue, any disease of the eye, blood vessels, optic nerve, or surrounding tissues. The disease may be due to heredity or as a result of infection. So what to do if the eye hurts? First you need to find out the cause of the pain. If it is not bent cilia or mote (although the mote is a mote), it is better to seek help from doctors.

Common causes of eye pain

  1. Severe eye fatigue. This may arise from wearing unsuitable lenses or glasses.In this case, the pain may be different, and only at the close of the century passes. In this case, you should consult your doctor for the selection of other glasses and contact lenses.
  2. Headache can also cause pain in the muscles of the eyes. In this case, you must get rid of, respectively, from a headache.
  3. Pain may occur during the development of the disease, with the inflammatory process. For example, when uveitis appears redness, pain and fog in the eyes. With such signs should immediately contact a specialist. Because in 25% of cases of development of this disease blindness occurs.
  4. Eye injury. When a foreign body comes in, the eye does not easily begin to hurt, but the spread of the infected infection begins. What to do if the eye hurts from a foreign body? The victim himself can deal with this problem. To do this, you should rinse the eye with water, after the instillation of �Albucid�, and if the foreign body is not removed, the pain will continue - you cannot do without a visit to a specialist.
  5. Pathogenic microorganisms can also cause pain. Viruses and bacteria that can affect the eyes, can get both from the outside and from the human body, respectively, from foci of infection. Such foci can be herpes, sore throat, chronic sinusitis and others.In this case, Erythromycin ointment can help, but if it does not get better in a day, go to a doctor.
  6. It happens that eye pain occurs during inflammation of the branches of the ternary nerve, which can occur during cooling or transfer of viral diseases, for example, herpes. In this case, only the help of a specialist will help.
  7. There is a so-called deviation, which is quite common today, like the "dry eye" syndrome. This problem occurs because of the constant work in front of a computer monitor, when illuminated by fluorescent lamps, with dry air. In this case, it is worthwhile to periodically give your eyes a rest and use preparations based on an artificial tear. Such drugs can be: "Lakrivit", "Vidisik", "Oftagel", "Lakrisin", "Korneregel". But first of all you need to seek expert advice.
  8. Poor blood circulation in the vessels can cause pain and the development of serious abnormalities. This pathology is determined only by examination.

So, we generalize our knowledge on what to do if an eye aches. If you have bruised an eyeball or a foreign body has fallen into the eye, and you cannot remove it, or if you have prolonged pain in the eye area, and even more so if your eyesight is deteriorating, you should immediately go to a doctor.Timely consultation specialist will relieve from many troubles. But for the prevention of eye fatigue, they can be washed with brewed black tea.