What to do - temperature 39?

Angelina Ivanova
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What to do - temperature 39?

The heat usually scares people. An unexpected jump in body temperature really requires mandatory measures.

What to do - temperature 39 in a child

If the child has a fever, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor, and urgently! It is impossible to self-medicate, as it is necessary to make the correct diagnosis and correctly prescribe treatment. So, call the door - 03.

If you are far from the city, then before the arrival of the doctors it is necessary to bring down the temperature of the child. Give him paracetamol or antipyretic syrup. You can also enter a febrifuge through an enema or a candle.

In addition, babies can reduce body temperature by wiping the body with vinegar. Dilute vinegar in water at room temperature in a 1: 1 ratio. Now wet the cloth in this solution, squeeze it and wipe the child's hands, chest and neck. After that, it is not necessary to muffle and cover the crumbs. Let him lie down for a bit.The vinegar will evaporate, cause the skin to cool, and the body temperature will drop. In the same way they do it with a half-alcohol rubbing, rubbing with cologne and water. If the child is allergic, then it is better to wipe him with plain water.

If at a temperature of 39oChildren�s feet and hands are cold; this is called white hyperthermia. In this case, the vessels are spasmed, there is no heat transfer, the blood circulation is disturbed. In this case, the child is rubbed with alcohol.

As soon as you have achieved that the baby's temperature has started to decrease, immediately drink tea with currants, raspberries or lime flowers, or give juices diluted with water. But you can not force feed!

Do not panic, in any case, you can call an ambulance, talk about the temperature of 39 and consult with a specialist. The doctor will tell you what emergency measures you need to take in your case.

What to do - a temperature of 39 in an adult

An urgent need to call a doctor to an adult is necessary if the body temperature has risen to 39.5oC. And at a temperature of 41oRather, promptly call an ambulance, a person can even begin convulsions. So, than to bring down the temperature in an adult:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids! When a person has a high temperature, the amount of water in the body decreases, and this leads to dehydration, which contributes to an even greater increase in body temperature. Drink water, juices, tea, fruit drinks. Good chicken broth. When perspiration appears on a person�s forehead, this indicates a decrease in body temperature.
  2. Take antipyretic drugs: paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin.
  3. So that the temperature does not rise again, you can undress the patient and rub it with alcohol, vodka or cologne. After that, do not cover it for a while.