What to do to have a dream?

During sleep, a person sees dreams that can be pleasant, exciting or, on the contrary, terrible. It is impossible to fully control this process. There is a special technique that can help anyone who wants to make contact with their subconscious. She will tell you what to do to have a dream with a certain plot.

Sleep to order

Dreams are remnants of emotions that a person experiences during the day. The subconscious mind is trying to prompt a person out of certain situations and give answers to many questions. So, let's try to figure out what to do to make the dream have a dream.

  1. Learn to memorize all your dreams. For this you need to write them daily. Dreams are a dream for absolutely all people, but many simply don’t remember them. Using meditation and relaxation will help a person learn how to manage all his dreams.
  2. Before going to sleep, you need to mentally formulate a question that you want to get an answer. You can also imagine a person who really wants to see.
  3. Concentrate on getting the answer you need. It is in the interval between deep sleep and the state of wakefulness that one can see what one wants and receive many answers.

Learning correctly, managing your dreams is impossible in one day. This requires training and time. Having learned to communicate with your subconscious, a person will be able to get the desired result.

Prophetic dream

A large number of people dream to look into the future and find out what awaits them. Prophetic dreams can give the necessary information and knowledge. In order to see them, you must first prepare.

Particular attention should be paid to the state of the moon. To dream a prophetic dream, it must be in the last stage of growth. Without this condition it is impossible to obtain the desired result.

At bedtime, a warm bath is surely taken in to which lavender and rosemary oil is added. It is also necessary to tie a knot on an ordinary thick rope, but not to tighten it all the way. It is placed under the pillow. If you dream a good dream, the node is delayed, and the bad - is dissolved.

Laurel leaves are placed under the legs of the bed before bedtime, and a mirror under the pillow.At the same time it is necessary to say: “I want a dream true and prophetic. As darkness and light are reflected in this mirror, so the path will reflect in my future. ” In a dream you should dream a mirror in which you can see the future.

Erotic dreams

Quite often, people have erotic dreams. They may not have anything to do with real life. It turns out that erotic dreams help relieve stress and strong tension that accumulates in the body during the day.

Each person in a dream can independently choose his partner and place of action. With the help of regular workouts, you can order a certain dream with a sexual slant.

When preparing, you should stop drinking alcohol and coffee, and try to drink more water. Dinner should be light. The room should be maintained at the optimum temperature and keep absolute silence. Sleep better on the back, and the head should be low enough.

In order to have an erotic dream, you need to close your eyes and imagine a spicy situation. One must imagine all the gestures and movements in the smallest details. In this state it is worth to be at least 10 minutes.Initially, a person can fall asleep very quickly. It is important to learn how to prolong the state of being between sleep and wakefulness. In this case, a person can enjoy the whole night.