What to feed the chick?

Usually, human care is demanded by followers. These are chicks of songbirds 8-12 days old that fell out of the nest. It also happens that you need to take care, nursing a nestling corvidae or a wild pigeon. Someone can offer to go out the parrot bird.

In all cases, we must act quickly. If it is not possible to return the chick to the nest, what would be the best solution, first of all it is necessary to provide him with warmth, since he himself is not yet able to regulate the body temperature.

The chick left without heat and feed quickly dies. The reason lies in the very rapid metabolism. So, if you do not feed the chick for 3-6 hours, and then start feeding, it will still die in a couple of days from metabolic disorders.

In this article we will not consider the methods of artificial feeding of poultry in incubator conditions used by specialists, since such conditions cannot be created in an emergency. Let us tell you how to feed the chick in case of emergency, depending on the type of bird.


  • The chicks of the passerine detachment most often fall out of their nests - fry, oatmeal, sparrows. You need to feed them with the same food that their parents feed them - mealworms, ant cocoons, fly larvae. Without this food, no substitute can be saved.
  • In addition to this, a nutritional mixture is prepared for feeding the chicks of these species: boiled chicken or beef meat is mixed with a grated boiled egg. Add low-fat cottage cheese, finely chopped greens (lettuce, dandelion leaves), and slightly grated carrots, squeezing juice out of it. Calcium glycerophosphate, phytin, and a bit of multivitamins can be added to the mix. To the mixture is not glued to the fingers, it adds grated white crackers. The mixture is made for one day and stored in the refrigerator.
  • To feed the chick you need every 15-20 minutes during the daytime. The mixture rolls into balls half the size of a cherry seed and is inserted into the beak with tweezers. The nestling is full when it stops demanding food.
  • Be sure to feed the chick. This is done with a pipette directly during feeding.


With a decision on how to feed a pigeon chick, serious problems can arise. Parents up to one month of age feed him with goiter milk, which regurgitates directly into the beak.

To feed the chick yourself, you will have to do about the same, the device of a soft and long beak will not allow the chick to eat otherwise. It will be necessary once every three hours to pick up the boiled liquid porridge in your mouth, and to insert the beak of the chick in your mouth to the very eyes. Then he can swallow the food. To feed the chick in the same way.


There are relatively fewer problems with the question than to feed a parrot chick. To do this, use baby food without milk (for example, cereals). The mixture is diluted to a liquid at a temperature of 37 degrees. They feed the chick every two hours, laying on its back, and injecting food from the side of the beak with a brush or an insulin syringe.

Well, how did you decide to take care of the winged baby? Then good luck to you!