What to give a goddaughter?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
November 26, 2014
What to give a goddaughter?

The baptism is no less exciting holiday than the birthday of the child. After all, a gift in this case must be carefully thought out and carry a certain message. Below you can find out what to give a goddaughter.

Variants of gifts goddaughter

To please a child with a gift, you will need to go around more than one store. After all, the gift should not be ordinary, because the holiday itself is special: it is a sacrament through which a person passes only once in a lifetime.

What to give to the christening baby?

By tradition, the godparents give the child a cross, usually silver. However, if funds allow, it is possible to present an expensive piece of jewelry. Also, the girl can give a pendant with engraving. On the product, you can write both security words and wishes.

A great gift would be a silver spoon. In jewelry stores, you can find a huge number of options that will be loved not only by the goddaughter's parents, but also by herself when she grows up.If there is an opportunity, it is better to give a set of spoons, it will definitely be useful to the girl in the future.

A good gift will be a music box, under which the child can fall asleep. An ordinary box is also suitable, but it should be made of expensive materials. Such an exclusive thing is sure to come in handy in the future and will become the pride of your goddaughter.

Any godfather or godmother would like to be near her goddaughter to protect her, but it is often impossible. In this case, you can give the girl a toy in the form of an angel, which will protect her from all adversity.

Gift for an adult goddaughter

If you are invited to be a godfather or godfather in an adult girl, then in addition to all the above, you can give a personalized icon, preferably with an expensive salary, so that it becomes a family heirloom and passed from generation to generation.

A good gift will be a children's Bible with pictures. So you also contribute to the spiritual education of the child, for which his parents will be grateful.

A good idea would be to ask the goddaughter, so she would like to receive a gift for the christening.She may be dreaming of a bicycle, jewelry, or an expensive doll. After all, this way you will fulfill her dream, and the child will believe in miracles, and most importantly, he will be grateful to you with all his heart.

Also about the gift you need to consult with the parents of the girl, because they know what the child needs. Perhaps they will ask you to pay for a birthday cake or to buy something that will be useful to your child in the future. Consider the wishes of parents, then you guess exactly with a gift.