What to give the bride?

February 3, 2015
What to give the bride?

Wedding is a significant event for the newlyweds. Especially anxious for the upcoming holiday are brides. Among the guests it is customary to give memorable gifts to the couple as a whole, and to each member of the future family separately.

In this article we will share the ideas of gifts for the bride.

What to give the bride a bachelorette party

Bachelorette party is an integral part of the upcoming celebration. Usually, the bride invites her friends to a party at her home, where it is customary to come not with empty hands.

  • First, the gift can be tied directly to the bachelorette party. For example, invite a professional photographer or order a stripper. However, do not forget on the eve of the celebration to casually ask your friend about the program of the event.
  • Wedding accessories (a garter, a pair of glasses, candles, a pillow for rings, a fan or a small light clutch) will also be a great gift.
  • The original gift will be a T-shirt with a wedding lettering, drawing or photo of the newlyweds.
  • You can give a beautiful openwork underwear, sexy robe or satin shirt.
  • If the bride is with a sense of humor, then you can give "Kama Sutra", fluffy pink handcuffs and various sex toys.
  • Always topical gifts are perfumes, jewelry, photo frames, cosmetics.

What to give the bride on Wedding Day

At the wedding, usually give gifts that will be useful to newlyweds in the joint life. However, if you want to donate bed linen, then stop your choice on quality products (for example, silk linen).

Also useful will be an album for photos, which later young people can fill with colorful photographs from the wedding day.

The creative gift will remain in the memory of a friend for a long time and will decorate a festive evening. Make a slideshow of joint photos or remove the congratulatory film. Compose poems to the bride, sing a song or organize a small scene for the newlyweds.

You can make a gift with your own hands. For example, sew a beautiful dress that the bride can wear on the second day of the celebration, or a jewelry box.

Recently, it is important to give money.However, you should take care of the unusual design (for example, donate bills in the form of a money tree or a garland).

What to give the bride of the groom

A gift from a loved one should be romantic. Give a trip, dinner for two or overnight at the hotel.

For an active couple, a great gift will be a balloon flight, diving or horse riding.

An unforgettable gift will be a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers, a large bunch of helium balloons or a salute in honor of your beloved.