What to see in Uruguay

How to fly

Of course, planning a trip to Uruguay is better on your own. So it will be much cheaper, besides ready-made tours to this country are not popular with us. There are no direct flights from Russia, you will have to fly with connections in European cities and maybe even to Sao Paulo.

What to see

Montevideo - the capital of Uruguay, a relatively small city, very calm. In the center you can find one or two-story houses. There is no metro in the city, only ground transportation. Independence Square is considered the most center of the city. There is no ocean in Montevideo itself, it is built on the estuary of La Plata. The water on the city beach is brown, but not because it is dirty, it has this color because of the silt dissolved in it.

Uruguay’s trademark and national pride can be called mate tea without exaggeration. This drink is brewed in special containers, calabashes, and drunk through a straw. Then it is repeatedly brewed. On the embankment and in the streets you can meet people with a calabash in one hand and with a thermos in the other.

Every morning, horse carriages - garbage collectors - drive through the streets.This is also unlikely to be found in a modern big city. It should be noted that in Montevideo it is rather dirty - people are not accustomed to throwing garbage in bins.

Ciudad Vieja, or the old city - is the historical center, very small in size. Here is the market, theater, there are beautiful buildings of colonial construction. And although on the whole in Montevideo it is rather safe, it is better not to walk along the streets of the old city early in the morning and late in the evening, as there are known cases of robbery.

Eating and eating

Uruguay is primarily famous for its meat dishes. It is believed that it is here that the best meat in South America, as it is grown without the use of artificial additives and hormones. One of the national dishes is pariah, or parisha. This assorted meat and sausages, cooked on the grill. The best parisch is prepared in open restaurants right on the market near the port. But they only work up to 18 hours. Local wines are of excellent quality and relatively low price.

One of the most interesting museums in Montevideo is the carnival museum.


The people of Uruguay are very friendly people, here you will not meet aggression.In addition, almost all of them are of European appearance, and there is no hatred for “gringos,” as in some other countries. Spanish is different from the classic Castilian pronunciation.

Recently, some soft drugs and same-sex marriages have been legalized in Uruguay.

Currency and prices

The national currency is the Uruguayan peso. The country has the official rate, so it will also be profitable to pay with a credit card. Recently, prices in Uruguay have risen and can be compared with European ones.

What to bring

Uruguay traditionally brings calabashes, mate tea, red wine, and leather goods.

Suburbs of Montevideo

The most famous resort of Uruguay is Punto del Este, where wealthy Argentines love to relax. This is a fairly expensive resort with many hotels and restaurants.

Right next to the capital is the small town of Periapolis, which is also a resort. It is much quieter and calmer, you can ride the cable car and swim in the ocean.

From Montevideo, you can take a ferry to Buenos Aires in just a few hours.

Uruguay is not at all a tourist country and there are not many famous sights here, but tranquility, tranquility and nature conquer.