What to take to the army?

During conscription, many who go into the army think in two directions. The first is that everyone in the army will be given away. And uniforms, and all accessories. Secondly, you need to take everything with you, because absolutely all the supply of the army is not complete. The truth, of course, in the middle. Some of the total must be given in part or at the distribution point, and some must be taken with you. But, in this case, that you need to take the army, knowing that dedovshchina has not been canceled. Those. necessary, but replenishable, in case of loss. It is also necessary to proceed from your personal needs and know that hardly anyone will share with you with threads or other items.

In a sense, fees for the army should resemble charges for the campaign. Those. take the most necessary, mobile and compact things and everything that can come in handy on the road. Do not forget that you will have to go to the distribution point and parts. Keep this in mind when collecting items. The rest that you just need to take to the army is something that will serve you during the entire period of your stay in the army.

Backpack or bag

This is, in fact, what your stuff will be all the time.Therefore, make sure the backpack is strong and strong. It is better that it was specifically designed for hiking, such a backpack will not get wet. In the bag or backpack should be several compartments. It is more convenient to store various accessories in them.

Shoes and clothes

Since you will need to go in uniform all the time, after arriving at the distribution point you will have to send your clothes home. This delivers additional obfuscation, so it makes sense to dress in something that you can later give to someone or throw away. It is better to take a sweater or jacket with a sleeve and jacket. Even if it is warm outside, there is a chance that you will arrive in the evening when it is already cool enough. From shoes it is better that you wear comfortable sneakers.

In addition to being worn on you, it makes sense to take what you can wear in parts. From footwear it is rubber slippers on a high sole, in them you will go to a shower. You also need to take woolen socks and white fabric on the yoke. They, by the way, can be bought ready-made.

Hygiene items

This is exactly what you need to take to the army. Since such accessories are practically not found in the territory of the part.All items must be in appropriate cases and tightly closed so that they do not spread over the bag.

First, you need to take a toothbrush in a special container so that it does not break. Also, a tube of toothpaste and soap in a tightly closed soap dish. A bottle of shampoo is better to take a small volume.

The main thing that comes in handy is a shaving kit. You will have to shave often, once in two days. Therefore, consider this circumstance when deciding what you need to take to the army. It is not recommended to take an electric razor, since she might break. The best choice would be a durable and reasonably stable razor with interchangeable blades, which will also need to be “stocked up”. Also take two towels, one large for the body, and one small for the face.


You can take a small first-aid kit with a standard set. In addition, it makes sense to take an ointment for burns, a warming ointment - for colds, a number of drugs for viral diseases. Also, be prepared for stomach upsets from unusual foods, so take the remedies for bloating, cramps and heartburn.

Optional accessories

This is what is most useful to you.It is just necessary to take a durable knife and an aluminum spoon. Needles with threads of different colors will also not be superfluous, since you have to sew up a form and hem collars. You will need small scissors - for sewing and cutting nails.

Money and equipment

This applies to mobile phones, cameras and other things. It is better not to take with you what you would be sorry to lose, break or give back. It is more logical to buy a phone specifically for the service, as simple as possible, and the operator with the simplest tariff plan for long-distance calls. Money is better to take in a small amount, because there is a risk that they will simply be taken away. It is better to divide this amount into smaller ones, and distribute them in different pockets and compartments of your bag.


Passport and registration certificate must be placed in special packaging. This may be a special cover or hermetic bags. Driving license and certificate of the acquisition of the profession is also better to take with you. Pack them also need as tight as possible. This is done so that the documents do not get wet from moisture.

Now you know what to take to the army in 2013. Good service!