What to wear for the holiday?

You have to go on a holiday, on a celebration, and you do not know what to choose clothes? For many women, and even men, choosing an outfit is actually a very complex and very important process. So, what to wear on any holiday?

How to dress for a holiday man

The most strict form of clothing is considered clothing in the style of WHITE TIE, that is, "white tie". Such clothes require wearing a black dress coat, as well as a white bow tie and a white, but not black, vest, which only waiters wear during the holidays. It is best to put black patent leather shoes on your feet and have a pocket watch if you can.

The most relaxed and free holiday style is considered the style of COCTAIL. This style involves wearing a silky shirt with regular pants or a suit of dark colors. A light-colored shirt with a dark blue blazer and even with a scarf will look good.

By the way, there are certain taboos for men in this plan. For example, you can not wear very short socks with classic pants.Also, you can not wear a scarf, which is folded crosswise. It is better to simply wind it around the neck. Do not strongly unbutton your shirt. The maximum is the two upper buttons.

How to dress a boy for a holiday

The boy can wear a blazer with metal buttons of light wool of any color and, of course, a white shirt. For sufficient convenience, hygroscopicity and softness, it can be knitted. The blazer can be supplemented with spacious light woolen trousers of black, dark blue, or dark gray color (nevertheless, this is a boy, and after a feast he will want to play with toys, so that strict trousers with well-smoothed arrows will not be very appropriate). Pants can be replaced with dark blue jeans. But bright sneakers and sneakers, which are usual for boys, should be replaced with more strict shoes, for example, with dark blue or black classic shoes. A girl can wear a bright, bright dress and elegant shoes.

What to wear for a holiday woman

Less shine. Not rarely, choosing festive clothing, many women give their preference to brilliant dresses. Dresses decorated with beads and trousers with a metallic sheen look impressive, but, as a rule, too defiant. In addition, too much shine is staggering.This outfit is best suited for nightclubs. If you decide to dazzle all the guests present at an idle event, try placing accents. For example, wear a black strict dress and crystals-adorned shoes.

Give your preference a better discreet along. Despite the theme of the holiday, try to choose moderately open clothes. Skirts that look more like a belt on girls, sweaters with a large neckline are best left to meet with a loved one or a club. To emphasize all the advantages of the figure, you just need to choose the "right" clothes. The frank blouse will perfectly look with a strict jumper, and the causing shortened sweater will create an intrigue in combination with classic trousers. The basic rule of what to wear for the holiday: do not overdo it. Just hints!

Black little dress. If you are already exhausted, and you are tired of being tormented in search of a solemn dress, your best option is a black little dress. This versatile outfit is suitable for any festive event, whether it is a birthday, a wedding of a best friend, or just gatherings with friends.