What to wear sneakers?

Elena Mikheeva
Elena Mikheeva
December 11, 2012
What to wear sneakers?

Twenty years ago, no one wondered what to wear sneakers. Soviet-made sneakers were associated only with a sports suit. Today, like all the “well forgotten old”, the sneakers are back in our daily life. Only this time, not as cheap shoes, but as a fashionable and integral part of the wardrobe of the “golden” youth.

In recent years, sneakers literally flooded the stalls of the most famous brand stores. And, all because this type of footwear has already moved into the must have category.

Popularity of a shoe consists in its convenience and availability. These shoes are great for everyday use. Shoe manufacturers today delight customers with a huge variety of shoes. On the shelves you can find:

  • sneakers on the platform;
  • sneakers with clasps;
  • sneakers with prints;
  • high and low sneakers;
  • sneakers with laces and velcro and so on.

Capricious fashion is ready to completely eliminate the prejudices of past years, turning sneakers from sports shoes into elegant and original shoes, which are not ashamed to put on "in the feast and in the world."Various types of sneakers are combined with shirts and T-shirts, with fluffy skirts and tight-fitting dresses.

What to wear sneakers

What is customary to wear sneakers

Very fashionable sneakers with cuffs today, which fashionable women complement with beautiful leggings, golf or bright tights. Successfully shows how and with what to wear sneakers photo, located below. Universal version of the shoe is made in black and white. Anything will suit such shoes: jeans, shorts, skirts or capris. For fans of comfortable shoes, we also found the answer to the question: what to wear high sneakers with? This type of shoe is suitable for both young girls and guys who have a slim figure and love to wear tight pants. It is high-top sneakers, often made out in an original and unique way:

  • rhinestones;
  • lightning bolts
  • colored laces;
  • drawings;
  • multi-colored inserts.

High top sneakers look great with plain t-shirts, jeans or shorts. An excellent addition to the design of the image can serve as a stylish cap and laces of bright colors.

What to wear sneakers

What to wear with high sneakers

High-top sneakers look particularly stylish with skinny pants: they emphasize the line of the hips and visually lengthen the legs.This model of shoes is perfect for any clothes.

What to wear sneakers

Men's shoes also delight customers with the brightness and the riot of colors, a combination of different textile and leather inserts, a combination of suede and patent leather. However, the male population is easier. Guys do not ask: What to wear sneakers? Without further ado, they are wearing these stylish shoes with jeans, shorts, and a tracksuit.