What to wear with a coat?

Beautiful and stylish coat perfectly emphasizes femininity and elegance, its owner. This is one of the basic things that will last more than one season, so you should choose it carefully and slowly. Before you make a purchase, think about how to wear the coat you personally plan, what accessories and shoes of your wardrobe will naturally and harmoniously blend with it.

The choice of style and color

Classic models are suitable for women who prefer to wear conservative minimalism. If you like a cheeky style, feel free to choose a coat-jacket or military coat.

It looks beautiful coat with a high waist or with a smell, as well as a combination of a coat-capes with narrow jeans, especially on a sports figure. Products from luxurious fabric with a cutout and lots of details add extravagance and glamor to your look.

The choice of color depends mainly on the destination - everyday or “on the way out”, and on the overall range of your wardrobe. After all, it is very important to find in advance with which shoes to wear a coat after purchase, in order not to run to the store to buy new boots.

For each day, better pick up a dark shade, and for special cases suitable milk or caramel color. The latest fashion trends to juicy colors, for example, emerald or bright purple. Bright coats of classic cut can be worn with any clothes of muted tones.

Clothing selection

To decide on what to wear a coat, you need to open the wardrobe, critically evaluate your wardrobe and start fitting. The most competent combination developed by fashion designers may look ridiculous and ridiculous on you. But observance of some rules will save from this, reduce the time of selection and fitting. Let's look at what to wear with a black coat and colored models, with what to combine a long and short coat, what accessories and shoes to use.

  • Amazing looks with almost any model versatile classic skirt. Its length should not exceed the length of the coat more than 10 cm. This also applies to dresses. If you complement the image with high boots with heels or high-heeled shoes, it will turn out to be incredibly harmonious.
  • Layered or puffy skirts fit under a short or very loose coat.Their combination with a coat with a high waist looks very feminine.
  • Narrow and tight skirts and trousers that are narrowed to the bottom complement the cape coat well. The loose fit makes it possible to wear a variety of blouses with frills and frills.
  • Under a long, strict coat for work or business meetings, almost any top looks good. And sweaters, and shirts, and blouses, and vests, and tunics, are simply not visible under it.
  • In principle, skinny jeans or tight pants are in harmony with any model.
  • Wide trousers of classic cut, jeans-pipes and flared jeans are suitable for a military-style coat and a cape coat.
  • In your wardrobe should be at least three scarves, of different colors and textures. After all, if you learn to properly tie them, you will have a new image every day. Let's give a couple of examples of how to wear a scarf with a coat. You can tie a “French knot” by hanging a scarf folded in half around your neck and threading the loose ends into a loop. A “free knot” is also very popular when a knot is tied at one end of the scarf and a second end is drawn through it.
  • Choose a suitable headdress, no less difficult than the coat itself.What kind of hat to wear with a coat in winter and how to decorate the head in spring or autumn? For winter, the universal solution is knitted, wool hats and classic berets. A modern scarf-tube will suit a coat without a loose collar, and the products trimmed with fur are simply amazingly combined with fur hats. The best of spring options for a classic coat is an elegant hat with lowered or wide brim and varied trim.
  • When choosing tights, try to combine their tone with a coat and shoes.
  • For coat models with short sleeves, you must purchase long stylish gloves. They will not only warm your hands in cold weather, but also become fashionable parts.

Add originality

And so, with what to wear, we decided, but no less important is how to wear a coat. There are no special rigid frames, but there are several alternative options for socks that will refresh your style.

  • Use a contrast belt.
  • Tuck up the sleeves of the shortened coat, and you will become touching and defenseless: the boss will give time off, the husband will wash the dishes, the taxi driver will not take the money.
  • Try one of the new ways to wear ordinary wrap with a smell: turn both sides out or cross the ends of the belt behind and then tie them in front.

How To Wear A Men's Coat

The coat should be in the wardrobe of every representative of the strong half who wants to succeed in business or arrange a personal life. Unusually elegant and practical item of clothing, will emphasize the taste and style of a man of any age, if you follow certain rules of wearing.

  • On a man of medium height or short in size, a long coat just below the hip looks good; if you are taller than the average, buy a coat to toe.
  • The sleeve should cover more than half of the palm, and the small collar should not open the neck too much and leave room for a scarf. If the collar is large, then its beginning will be in the middle of the chest.
  • Trench coats and a pea coat are combined with narrow trousers or dark blue jeans.
  • This season's double-breasted coat is in fashion.
  • Headgear and shoes should create a stylish composition.
  • A man's coat with a jacket, dressed under the bottom, looks expensive and elegant, it is also a good combination with a sweater.
  • Absolutely incompatible coat with sneakers or sneakers.
  • The best material for a men's coat is cashmere. Warm, protecting from wind and cold fabric looks very expensive and presentable.For youth models use genuine leather.