What can you wear with sneakers?

Sneakers in our time have become not only sports shoes, but also everyday, and sometimes a day off. And this is not at all surprising: the appearance of many modern sneakers is bright, stylish, comfortable and allows you to wear them even for a party.

Sneakers and clothes

Some time ago, the question of what to wear sneakers, could not arise in principle. Today this question worries many. So what kind of clothes do you need to wear with this shoe? What style fit these or other sneakers?

  • First of all, a tracksuit, leotard - this is exactly the clothes that best suits sneakers. After all, initially this shoe was created specifically for sports.
  • Jeans are versatile clothing. They can be worn with shoes, ballet shoes and, of course, with sneakers.
  • Shorts with sneakers can be from different materials, but are best suited to jeans sneakers.
  • Also organic with sneakers will look T-shirts, tops, vests and T-shirts of various styles, colors, style.

When the question arises: what to wear sneakers, the photo will give him the most complete answer and show the possibility of choosing your own option.

Wedge Sneakers

Sneakers on wedges are suitable for many occasions.They can go shopping and movies, walking with children, etc. Sneakers on a thin wedge suitable for sports. What is the best way to wear high top sneakers?

  • Jeans. Any combination of jeans and sneakers on the wedge will look great. To balance the whole outfit with sneakers, you can make the top multi-layered. Tops of clothing can be designed in a sporty or casual style (comfortable sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts). Skinny jeans or leggings are best tucked into high top sneakers.
  • Shorts and fitted tops. Shorts in this case can be of different lengths. The shorter the shorts, the wedge should be higher.
  • Trousers and trouser suits. Pants from velvet or lycra look great with sneakers on a low wedge. Casual pants and blouse can be worn with sneakers on high wedges. Floral or leopard skinny pants will look great as well as their color of sneakers.
  • Skirts. Sneakers with low wedges blend beautifully with simple casual skirts of medium length. Short skirts look attractive with sneakers on a high wedge.
  • Dresses An interesting look can be created by combining sporty, casual dresses with wedge sneakers.

Men's shoes

How to wear sneakers for men? What clothes can I wear with sneakers?

White sneakers, female or male, are distinguished by their versatility. These sneakers look good with suits and tight pants. Thanks to this color, it is possible to freshen men’s clothes.

Male representatives are increasingly showing a variety of men's wardrobe, as well as courage in shifting shoes, things of different styles. Variations on sneakers are now appropriate not only in sports, or on walks in the park, hiking, but also at social events. Sneakers are increasingly dressing under the classic men's pants, corduroy, tweed pants, jeans, as well as sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets. In addition, sneakers are also worn with shorts (from narrow, short, to large hip-hop). Do not wear sneakers on bare feet, it is better to have low-key socks.