How was Tolstoy?

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy is a genius writer who was able to leave an indelible mark on the history of Russian literature. Currently, his work is being studied in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Leo Tolstoy was distinguished by his modesty. He simply liked to write, interpret different thoughts and convey to people the main ideas. Being for the writer was an integral part of life, and it was impossible not to write about the everyday life and ordinary life of the peasants. Lev Tolstoy - biography: childhood, life principles, creativity, posterity - we'll talk about all this now.

The life position of the writer

Leo Tolstoy until the end of his days called himself a Christian. In his heart, he wanted to be on a par with other ordinary people and look at their lives, to live just like them. By decision of the Synod, he was excommunicated from the Orthodox Church, but this did not prevent him from communicating with the peasants and learning from them an uneasy way of life. In the 70s he became seriously interested in philosophy. Today it is known that he was preparing articles for publication in the publishing house "Mediator".These were articles on the philosophers of India and the Middle East. Interest in philosophy remained with the writer until the last days of his life. Tolstoy knew by heart such works as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

As it became known later, the writer was in a group with Indian well-known scientists. From them he learned about the philosophy of India, about the life of people and about their plans. By correspondence it was possible to understand that he agrees with the religion of India and tries to copy the model of the life of ordinary Indians.

What was Leo Tolstoy

As his contemporaries noted, the writer was a complex man. It was very difficult to prove his point of view and convince him. If he considered it necessary to act one way or another, he always committed insane acts. This did not prevent him from traveling a lot, looking at the world with other eyes. The writer had few friends, so he spent all his free time at work.

Creativity Leo Tolstoy did not pass without a trace. In his article “The First Step,” he argued the sequence of acquiring virtues. He believed that abstinence was to be the first virtue. And it does not matter at all, from which, the main thing is to refrain and try to overpower your desires.He himself forbade elementary things: long to sit reading books, to think a lot and to travel. However, all this could be noticed throughout the unusual life of the writer.

The children of Leo Tolstoy were positive about his work. His daughter Tatiana joined the teachings and helped the writer defend the foundations of the new teachings. Tatyana Lvovna wrote a collection that is connected with the doom of philosophy and the knowledge of oneself. The article was published in the publishing house "Mediator". The younger daughter of Tolstoy translated the book “Food Ethics” from English into Russian.

Leo Tolstoy had 13 children, many of them died in infancy. All the children are from his wife, Sophia Andreevna Beers. They got married when Sophie was only 17 years old, and Lev Tolstoy was fourth. However, a large difference in age did not prevent their family happiness. The wife became the lifeblood for the writer and an assistant in his work. She rewrote, reread and corrected his texts, helped to design phrases and thoughts of works.

Leo Tolstoy was a vegetarian. In this regard, the Tolstoy family divided into two parts.On the one hand, the wife of Sophia Tolstaya, who was against her husband's vegetarian beliefs, on the other, the daughters who supported her father. The writer believed that soon everyone would give up meat and be happy. So he thought to death, but his beliefs were not embodied in reality.

Leo Tolstoy was not an easy man, like all geniuses.