What can you bring to memory from Hungary?

Hungary is a surprisingly pleasant and cozy state, which is located in the heart of Europe. Despite the fact that it does not enjoy such wild popularity among tourists, such as France or Italy, it remains a very interesting and compelling place to visit curious travelers, because there really is something to see.

A country of amazing contrasts, beautiful lakes, popular health and spa resorts and fragrant wines, which is always ready to meet guests with excellent services and impeccable hotels, as well as beautiful architectural monuments and natural riches.


If you are going to visit this country, then, for sure, would like to know what you can bring a tourist from Hungary, because, coming back from the next trip, always want to please yourself with a bit of it, being already at home. Traveling through this magnificent country, you can always bring a lot of interesting and unusual things from it in order to please yourself and your friends.

Souvenirs are sometimes so much that the eyes literally run away, so it is difficult to make a choice in favor of a certain product, because you want to choose something really bright and unique. Here it is absolutely easy to do this! So where to start?

Alcohol products

As a good souvenir, local fruit vodka can perform, in Hungary it is called a "palinka". For its preparation use a variety of fruits: grapes, apricots, cherries, plums, pears and others that can give the drink certain notes of taste and aroma.

Generally, Hungary has always been famous for alcoholic beverages, which only stand the amazing brandy of apricots, cherries and plums! And Hungarian wines? Be sure to try, and if you like, then purchase Tokay and Eger wines as a souvenir, especially pay attention to the varieties Medina, Syurbekarat, Abashari Riesling, Badachoni.


It is worth noting that the Tokay wine popular in all of Europe, which, according to an ancient and unique recipe, is harvested from grapes that are infected in a special way by a noble mold fungus.Another well-known wine here is “Bull blood”, which received such a name due to its characteristic dark purple hue. Also a very popular souvenir from Hungary is the “Unicum” balsam, the healing properties of which are literally legends.

Porcelain and Crystal

Another interesting gift can be chinaware, which has been made in the small village of Herend since the 19th century. Of course, such a stylish and, in fact, an exclusive souvenir will cost you a decent amount of money, but it will be a really elite gift, because it was the kind of porcelain that members of European families of that time chose for their family meals.


Another famous Hungarian producer of beautiful and high-quality porcelain is Jolnay. In addition to porcelain dishes, ceramics are also very popular here: for example, from the city of Naduvara, which is distinguished by special roasting, as a result of which it acquires a rich black color.


Probably, paprika has long been the hallmark of this country, here you can find it in any form and in any package. Paprika is the basis of colorful Hungarian cuisine,funny bunches of hot peppers adorn almost every kitchen of local families, even the very name “paprika” is of Hungarian origin.


If you decide to bring with you a few bags of seasoning, the main thing is not to confuse that the “hot” pepper is usually sold in red packages, and sweet and fragrant - in white packages. As an unusual souvenir, you can bring a bunch of red peppers, which are usually sold in local markets.

Marzipan figures

And what are only delicious desserts from the marzipan mass! In the suburbs of Budapest there is a small village of Szentendre, in which is located an interesting museum dedicated to marzipan, as well as everything that can be created from it.


Here you can find a wide variety of marzipan figures, small and very large: statuettes of the bride and groom for a birthday cake, flowers, dogs or cats, fairytale heroes and even furniture! In addition, in the museum you can buy ordinary marzipan mass for further creativity.

Textiles and dolls

If you collect dolls, be sure to buy one of the Hungarian beauties here, as a rule, they are made of porcelain or wood and dressed up in traditional clothes.


Also, as a souvenir from Hungary, tablecloths, towels, napkins or handkerchiefs, decorated and embroidered by hand, are often brought, especially with embroidery, because the famous “Hungarian inlay” can be found here.

Make the right choice and be sure to go to Hungary!

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