When do children have teeth cut?

September 12, 2012
When do children have teeth cut?

Imagine that even before the birth of a little man (at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, to be exact), the process of tooth development begins. Moms should be careful and provide enough calcium for successful development of teeth in the future. At the 20th week, under the embryos of the milk teeth, the rudiments of permanent teeth are formed, still deep under the milky ones. This is an introduction. The child was born, the parents look forward to this event. First tooth. And the rest too. But when do children have teeth cut? How much longer to wait? We read.

The appearance of the first teeth

As usual, the average value everywhere goes, the so-called norm. So in terms of teething, this rule applies to 6-8 months. That is, by six months, the first milk teeth begin to erupt in the child. Averaging means that the teeth may start to hurt earlier, and a little later, for example, at 3 months or at 11. So some minor deviations from that very norm should not cause particular concern.

If the deviations are significant, by 12 months the child still does not have a single tooth, it is worth contacting a doctor. In general, you can contact him and just for consultation in case of a norm. The pediatric dentist will examine if there are abnormalities.

Again, on average, teeth erupt during the seventh month. They may appear only by the year. There are rare cases when by the age of 3 months the baby has teeth. Even more incredible, but still the real facts of the birth of children with teeth. This is determined by heredity and other factors.

Teething: symptoms

By some signs it can be understood that teeth are starting to be cut.

  • Intensive salivation, drooling.
  • The baby’s gums begin to itch, because he is constantly trying to bite something. To do this, the child should buy a teether for teeth.
  • Inflammation of the tender gum tissue is often observed, especially when the tooth is already very close to the surface. In some children it causes severe pain, they cry and act up. Others can move this period somewhat calmer, as everything is individual.
  • Eruption continues not only during the day, but at night.
  • In place of the teeth on the gums may appear hematomas, small blue bumps. Doctors often recommend giving hematomas an opportunity to resolve themselves.