Where are the heavens?

Inna Kostenko
Inna Kostenko
November 11, 2014
Where are the heavens?

About where the heavens are, not only astronomers think, but also believers around the world. And if science gives one answer, then there are as many of them in the religious world as there are religions themselves.

Heaven in nature

We perceive the visible sky as a flattened hemisphere, "framed" by the horizon. In fact, above us - the endless airspace. It exists not only above the surface of our planet, but also above all objects in space.

The concept of "heaven" as a physical space is the sky in the plural sense, or the infinite continuation of the Universe. The panorama that can be viewed from other planets and satellites differs from the earth's sky in chemical composition and density of the atmosphere. This type of space is called extraterrestrial heaven.

Heaven in different religions of the world

According to the teachings of the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church, Heaven is a spiritual, not a material reality, therefore it is impossible to see them. The kingdom of God is in a certain place in heaven, but it cannot be calculated from the coordinates of the earthly space-time system.Before the fall of man, Paradise was on earth, in the Garden of Eden, now it is a heavenly abode, where only righteous souls can enter.

Unlike the Orthodox, Catholics believe in the presence of purgatory - the space between hell and heaven, designed to purify sinners. In Islam, there is an analogue of such an intermediate place - Araf. In him, the souls, whose good deeds turned out to be equal to sinful ones, pray to Allah for mercy.

Buddhists to the question of where Heaven is, answer that in the air palaces. In their opinion, they are located above the mountain peaks and consist of three spheres: the sphere of desire, the world of form and the world of nonform. In the world of form are located 16 heavens of the god Brahma. And so in each of the countless worlds: there is land, air, ocean, and many heavens. Along with this, in Buddhism there is the concept of "Heaven of Heaven." So called nirvana - the state of supreme bliss, liberation from desires and sufferings. Thus, a person reaches Heaven as if within himself.

For the seventh heaven

The Bible speaks of the presence of a third heaven, to which the believing youth was raptured, from which it can be concluded that there are several heavenly abodes. But in the Talmud and the Koran, the sacred books of the Jews and Muslims, the seven heavens are mentioned. The distance between them is equal to the path length of 500 years.

So, everyone chooses for himself where his skies are located - in the invisible world far beyond the clouds, in the air palaces beyond the mountain hills, or inside his heart.