Where can I buy precious stones and jewelry from them?

Precious and semi-precious stones are distinguished by a large variety of shades and prices: you can buy any one you like or order jewelry with the desired colored mineral. To do this, you can use the services of a regular store or look at a suitable Internet site. Mineral Market is just one of these sites. There is everything for lovers of precious and semi-precious stones in Moscow.

  1. If you want to find certain stones, look in the section "By stones". The catalog presents a variety of stones separately: a wide selection for every taste and color. For example, if you want to buy rubies in Moscow, you can watch them in the catalog section - http://mineralmarket.ru/849-rubin.
  2. The “Collections” section will interest collectors, as well as those who like not just individual stones, but compositions of them that will please the eye, decorate the interior, perform magical, protective and educational functions.Also, the collection of stones will be useful to students of secondary and higher educational institutions. The cost of the entire collection depends on its stones and their characteristics. It consists of the following characteristics: the number of minerals in the collection, their rarity, size, quality of stones. A complete list can be found in the paper supplement or on the packaging itself. Those who like antiques and who appreciate rare and status minerals should look into the “Collection Minerals” section.
  3. If you are interested in already finished products, you can look in the appropriate section, look at the proposed jewelry and order your favorite. The catalog contains thousands of models of different scales, design and style. Here you can see different products in detail, buy beautiful things at low prices. The catalog contains brooches, bracelets, beads, rings, tie clips, pendants and pendants, earrings, rosaries, hair ornaments, men's seals and rings.
  4. Jewelry cosmetics useful for the care of precious jewelry, so that they permanently retain their brilliance and beauty. In this section you will find napkins, brushes and cleaning products for products and stones.
  5. Jewelers and creative people will love to translate their creative ideas into reality using cabochons. Cabochons are oblong or oval-shaped stones that are cut; they differ from stones in a smooth surface and a rounded shape. Very popular since ancient times, so great for creating jewelry, gifts, amulets.
  6. Next to the cabochons is a section of faceted gemstones. Here you will find beautiful minerals that are sold at affordable prices. They are suitable so that they can be inserted into the decoration or used as a product or talisman, symbolizing wealth, nobility, beauty and taste of nature. In addition to cabochon, among the types of cut are the following: triangular, facet, rose, brilliant, mixed, fantasy, baguette. The cost of the final product will depend on the method of cutting and the material used. All of them are of good quality and pleasant value.
  7. Stones are also used to decorate art objects and create separate souvenirs from them. In the "Stone Products" section there are a variety of decorations and products using a variety of stones.Animals, mirrors, images of saints, magnets, pendulums, massage sticks, business card holders, vases, etc. Large selection of interesting things for every taste.
  8. Those who are seriously keen on stones and want to study all the issues related to them deeper should look into the “Books” section, where various works on stones in various topics are collected.
  9. If you are fond of horoscopes and create your own style in accordance with your zodiac sign, you can choose the desired stone from the selected individual data. To do this, go to the section “By the sign of the zodiac”, enter the name in the required field, select your date of birth and for whom you are choosing a stone. The service will give you the right options, and you just need to choose the one that you personally like the most.
  10. If you choose, for example, a decoration for someone as a gift, then you cannot do without decent packaging. In the appropriate section you will find very beautiful bags, boxes and boxes - choose any suitable depending on the size of the jewelry, gift style and taste.

Mineral Market is the perfect online store where you can find everything you need for those interested in stones.No need to go far to find what interests you. Quality, a variety of beautiful products, reasonable prices and convenient features - all this will delight buyers and visitors of the site!