Where in Moscow to buy delicious pastries?

Many of us love to drink some tea, and for a good tea, especially in a friendly or family company, you can choose a delicious delicacy. Candies, cakes, souffles, meringues, cakes and pies - now there are so many delicacies to choose from! One of the most popular options is pies: fresh and with different fillings, they not only give pleasure from tea drinking and perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger. If your culinary abilities in the baking field are small or there is no time at all, and you need to assemble a delicious table, contact a good bakery. The Victoria bakery will offer a large selection of Ossetian pies in Moscow.

How does the bakery work?

The bakery was opened in 2003 in Moscow, and in 2016 it had a branch in St. Petersburg. The founder of the company, in whose honor the bakery is named, is Victoria, who is a food technologist by training. Before the opening of the bakery in Moscow, she had her own restaurant in Ossetia, so a woman started working in the Russian Federation, having already had the appropriate education and gained experience in her business.Thanks to a wide range of tasty and fresh pastries, grateful customers appeared in the bakery for the first three months, it began to gain popularity and now has taken a strong place in the market in the capital.

The company produces a variety of pies, pizzas, as well as salads and drinks, makes sets. Products can be purchased wholesale and retail, directly in the bakery or order home delivery. Also, there are occasionally promotions whereby pies can be bought cheaper.

The peculiarity of the bakery is that customer feedback is always maintained. She not only accepts positive reviews, but also listens to the wishes in order to improve her production in the future. By placing an order online and receiving it, the buyer can evaluate the site, the work of the cook, operator and courier on a five-point scale.

The company is committed to active development and improvement. People working with food are only allowed to be healthy, they all have valid medical books. Pies bake real Ossetians who remember, store and use the experience of their ancestors in their work.The site contains real photos of products made by a professional photographer. There is a flexible system of promotions and discounts, there are a variety of payment options. The safety of the products has been certified by ROSTEST.

The bakery is located at the following address: Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad, 1-ya Bukhvostova Street, 12/11 Building 4. Open daily from 9.00 to 21.00. You can contact by phone +7 495 724 72 92. Delivery is carried out within half an hour or an hour depending on the location and conditions of delivery. Details can be checked with the operator.

Real Ossetian pies are delicious!

As you know, the same recipe different cooks cook in their own way. The dishes will have one name, but the taste may be different. The point is talent, ability, knowledge, experience. Victoria is a great success due to the fact that pies have been baked by the bearers of traditions, who have absorbed knowledge about the Ossetian cuisine since childhood. In addition, all the chefs have experience, therefore, with their knowledge and skills, culinary masterpieces are obtained, which have been loved by many clients.

In appearance, traditional Ossetian pies are flat round or triangular flat cakes with different fillings.The history of baking is deeply rooted in the centuries, it is told about it in the oral folk art of the Ossetians - Narta legends. Previously, pies were made from unleavened dough only. Now the most important indicator of quality is the shape of the cake and the combination of dough and filling. Ideal can be called a pie with thin layers of dough and a rich, but not changing the shape of the pie filling. Too bulging stuffing or a thick layer of dough is considered a sign of the inexperience of the cook.

In the bakery you can order pies with different fillings for every taste: with meat, separately with cheese, with cheese in combination with other additives (spinach, chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, greens), with cherry and apple, with cabbage, with orange and lemon, blackberry and apple or cottage cheese, with beef and pepper. Stuffing there for every taste!

Appetizing pies will help to satisfy hunger on ordinary days: they can be eaten for lunch or afternoon tea, they can eat between main meals or have an evening tea party. For a holiday table, this is also a find: choose a few pies with different fillings or order a large one with a favorite one. Modest and neat in appearance, but at the same time useful pastries will be no worse than cakes or pies. If you want to enjoy delicious and healthy pastries, try the national Ossetian cuisine, embodied in the best ancient traditions, the Victoria bakery will offer you exactly what you are looking for!