Where is the Dead Sea?

Alexander Smaznev
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Where is the Dead Sea?

On the map

Dead Sea

Many of us have heard of the Dead Sea. Someone bumped into his memory a somewhat ominous name. Someone remembered the story that it is impossible to drown in the water of this sea. Where is the Dead Sea?

Geographical position

In fact, the Dead Sea is not a sea, but a lake. It is not part of the world's oceans, but is an inland reservoir located in the Middle East between the States of Jordan and Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

To quickly find the Dead Sea on the map, you need to remember where the Middle East and Israel are. And they are located in the southwestern part of the continent Asia, not far from the place where Asia connects with Africa. An additional geographical landmark here can serve as the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Dead Sea is a drainless reservoir. From the north, the Jordan River flows into it. Also some more drying streams flow into this lake.

Features of the Dead Sea

The lake has two main features:

  1. The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest lakes in the world. You can not drown in it, because such salt water simply pushes a person to the surface. Why is the lake called "dead"? Just in ancient times it was believed that in water with such a salt content fish and algae cannot live.
  2. The shores of the Dead Sea are the lowest land area on Earth (417 m below sea level).

Water and mud on the lake have healing properties. In Israel, on the shores of the Dead Sea there are many resorts and hospitals. The bulk of the hotels and inns are located in the city of Ein Bokek. By the way, vacationers can come there not for a fixed period on the voucher, but live any number of days in a hospital, from several days to three months.