Where is warm in winter?

I really want to go to the warm regions in winter and soak up the sunshine, sunbathe on the beach in January or in February, in the midst of our winter. And we begin to choose where it is warm in winter, when we see two winter weeks in the list of vacations in front of our last name. But a vacation in the winter can also be spent well where the sea is warm and fun!


Egypt is a country where it is very warm in winter. The air temperature here is +27, the water warms up to +24 degrees. And in the summer in Egypt to +40, so it is better to go there in the winter. The Red Sea collects a huge number of divers of different levels of training. The hotels operate 4-6 meals a day with a continuous supply of beverages. High service and very affordable prices distinguish this particular country. True, Egyptian hospitality can be very intrusive, but this quality fades before the beauty of the ancient pyramids, underwater marine species.


Thailand is a hotter and more expensive country. Here the average winter temperature is +31 degrees, the sea warms up to +26 degrees. Here are luxurious beaches, a sea of ​​youth clubs, where numerous tourists can get to exclusive parties.The farther away from the cities, the more expensive the rest is here, because clean beaches lie far from a large cluster of tourists. Now this country has simplified the requirements for Russian tourists, a visa to enter Thailand is not needed. Therefore, the flow of our compatriots in Pattaya and Phuket has increased. Here - freedom for divers!


In the United Arab Emirates in winter, white sandy beaches await you. Yes exactly! The sand is amazingly white. In summer, the air temperature in the Emirates reaches 50-60 degrees above zero. And in winter it is very good: +27 and +24 in the water. In addition to the fantastic beaches in the UAE, great shopping. In this country you will see fantastic architecture, the cleanest cities, amazing desert settlements of nomads in their oriental flavor. Holidays here are expensive, but worth it.

Israel and Cuba

On the coast of the Dead and Red Seas of Israel, in the resorts of Eilat and Ein Bokek, the air temperature in winter is +31, and water is +23 degrees. When choosing a trip to this country, you need to remember that there are as many as 9 climate zones! From the coldest, where in winter 0 degrees, to the warmest. Choose these resorts, and you can not go wrong, take a vacation in warmth and comfort.

When you choose countries where it is warm in winter, do not forget about Cuba. Fly there longer, but you will fall into a real paradise! The air temperature is +24 degrees. In addition, this is one of the best places where the sea is warm in winter, up to +26. Tourists will be offered diving, tours in tropical forests, incendiary parties of Latin American dances.


If you are interested in where it is warm in Europe in winter, then pay attention to Spain (Balearic and Canary Islands) and southern Italy. Of course, you will not see 30-degree heat there, but +23 can be expected. In addition, there are a lot of cultural and historical values, there is something to see!

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