Where are passwords stored in firefox?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
September 7, 2011
Where are passwords stored in firefox?

When reinstalling an operating system or even a simple browser, we take care of certain folders so that they are not deleted. Some relate to this very selectively and want to leave, for example, not a whole folder with all sorts of things, but only saved passwords to web pages. To do this, users need to know where the passwords are stored in firefox, which folder they need to find and save.

Where passwords are stored in firefox

When a person installed Mozilla, a set of files, the so-called profile, was created in a separate folder on the computer. It stores various browser user data. Firefox passwords are also stored there.

In Windows XP, passwords are stored in firefox:

  1. drive C
  2. Documents and Settings folder
  3. then username
  4. Application data
  5. Mozilla
  6. Firefox
  7. Profiles
  8. profile name with default extension
  9. key3.db and signons.sqlite files

In Windows Vista, 7 passwords in firefox are stored:

  1. drive C
  2. Users folder
  3. Username
  4. Appdata
  5. Roaming
  6. Mozilla
  7. Firefox
  8. Profiles
  9. profile name with default extension
  10. key3.db and signons.sqlite files

It turns out that when you want to reinstall the operating system or remove Mozilla, you should simply copy the profile folder.And then after installing the new firefox browser, place the profile in the appropriate directory along the path already familiar to us. Thus, the newly installed browser will be configured as the old one, all your passwords and bookmarks will be saved. We clarify that in the Profiles folder, when you install a new browser, there will already be a profile. It is created by default. You just need to replace the new with the old.