Where to buy a weather station?

Recently, I began to notice that I began to strongly react to weather changes. Weather forecast broadcast on television is often not accurate. Here I think, maybe buy a weather station. Who knows where you can buy it in Kiev?
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Answered on March 24 23:34
I think it's a waste of money. After all, weather forecasters have their own weather stations, by which they are guided and give a weather forecast. You can track via the Internet, for example, I use the site Forecaster.
Answered on March 24, 23:38
It is necessary to search the Internet, most likely, there you can buy a weather station. In general, I download the weather forecast app onto my smartphone, sometimes I’ve got errors of course, but it’s mostly correct.
Answered on March 24, 23:43
On TV, the weather shows the average for the whole day, but during this time it can change several times. And it is very affected by the state of health. Therefore, if you strongly react to changes in the weather, then you better buy the device.I found a store where you can buy a weather station. Look, the choice seems to be good, decide on the price.