Where to find drawings?

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Where to find drawings?

In the 4th version of Assassins Creed player as many as 18 additions are available for the ship. However, they can be obtained only by collecting special blueprints lurking in the hidden places of the game. We will tell you where to find the cherished paper.

Drawings for weapons

  • Ram. The coordinates of the point: 181 296. On the uppermost deck of the sunken ship “La Concepción” you will find a chest with wealth and new paper. Look for debris closer to the center of the bottom.
  • Heavy kernels (307 195). On the top floor of the smuggler’s refuge in Ambergris Key, find a treasure map that tells you where to find the blueprints. After that, you need to go to the Mayan temple (you need the biggest one on Mysterios). Your goal is the viewpoint behind it. It is there that you will find the treasure and the new drawing.
  • A set of several guns (471 170). And again time to go diving. This time the dive will take place in the blue abyss. In its northern part you will find the wreckage of another loser-ship. Look for a drawing under them.
  • Incendiary shells (479 487). The map, which will show the path, is hidden in the northern part of Santanilla. Find the wrecked ship and inspect its bow.After that, according to the map go to the tunnels under San Juan. Smugglers established their base there. Treasure will find in the very first room.
  • Falconets (487 357). And again dive to the bottom. This time you are waiting for the "Eye of the Devil." The task is to find the caves and get to the end of these tunnels hidden in the mountain. There will already be waiting for you a secret chest with a drawing.
  • Harpoon (579 720). To find a map with a further route, visit the junctions located in the center of Mayaguana. One of them cherishes the treasured card. Focusing on it, go to the southwest of Andreas Island for the chest.
  • Mortars (630,660). Determine the northeast of the compass, move in this direction until you see the wreckage of Antoch. The chest with the paper you need is hidden under the deck.
  • Kernels (769 145). And again an hour to sink to the bottom of the sea. In its central area there are the ruins of a temple (you need one that is closer to the starting point). Look in the shrine to find the next chest.

Drawings for assistive devices

  • Compartment for saving mortar cores (333 650). Have you been to Tortuga? You have a chance to fill the gap. Swim to the northeast of the island. There you will find a map.And the cache itself will be waiting for you in the eastern part of Matanzas, and go there.
  • Housing (379,770). And again attention to the bottom - in the north-west are the wreckage of the ship "San Ignacio", inside - the coveted drawing.
  • Storage compartment for heavy kernels (901 263). Cayman Bay has something to please you. In the northern part of it, in the grotto of Petit Cavern (in the south-west) you will find a treasure and a drawing.
  • Compartment for incendiary projectiles (502 44). A new paper will be found in the course of the operation of the Scarlet fever ship in eastern Canada by the fleet ship. In the southern part of the shores of Providencia for the wreckage of the next ship in distress, you can find a treasure with a drawing.

Drawings for ship design

  • Flower sails (215 449). Look for a ship in the southern seabed.
  • The figure of a snake to decorate the bow (749 625). A new target - the island of Abaco, Salt Lagoon - a chest with a drawing there.
  • Rudder made of rare ebony (623,172). In the center of Mysterios there is a pyramid. On its middle floor there is a map hidden in a secluded place. Pave it a further path. You will find the drawing itself in the eastern part of Kingston near the three boxes of wood (they lie on the shore).
  • Another figure to decorate the bow (240 607).In the north of Havana, near the cathedral you will find the deceased person. In one of the pockets of his clothes is a map. Take it and go on the route indicated there.
  • Sails of gray color (633 784). Keep heading to the northwest cave of the Greater Inagua. For a drawing, go to the pirates' retreat in Nassau, north of the manor.
  • Another original steering wheel (335 469). Your goal is the south-east coast of Cumberland Bay and specifically the island of Pinos. The treasure is located near the viewpoint on the pyramid.