Where to get money?

Probably every one of us at least once in our life was concerned with the question of where to get money - we, with a few exceptions, are not the children of millionaires. In the article I will give you several ways where you can take money - and in an absolutely legal way. Another thing is that not all of these methods are reliable, because in some places you can not only take money, but also lose it, but here everything will depend on your luck or your skills. Go!

Apparatus employed

The most reliable way to get money. Work does not have to be prestigious, but it may well provide you with money. If you have an education, it is excellent; if not, it does not matter. You can always find more or less acceptable working conditions, and if you make some efforts, then apply your talents, because it is not for nothing that they say: “lucky for the lucky ones”. Start doing at least something and you will definitely have some result.

Relatives and friends

The perfect way to borrow money. If this is a close relative, then you don’t always have to give it away, that is a good option where you can get money for free.Of course, everything will depend on your decency, but sometimes it happens that the money is desperately needed, and you can give it even in parts not very soon - at least not in the next month. This is where a compassionate and very wealthy relative or best friend can come to the rescue. Yes, and a good friend is quite capable of providing you with a truly interest-free loan.


Today, a huge number of banks and other financial institutions willingly lend to virtually everyone a lot of money at various interest rates. To take money on credit means that you will have to give more, because issuing a loan means taking money at interest. Sometimes - at high interest rates, up to 50% of the amount and even more. But here it is necessary to decide what is more important - the required amount or subsequent interest. By the way, if you can repay the loan ahead of time, I advise you to use this if the bank makes a contract with you on such conditions that the remaining interest is not paid upon early repayment. In addition, a loan is an ideal way for those who are thinking about where to get money urgently.

Sale and pledge of things

This method is perfect for those who can "sell something unnecessary," as the famous hero of a cartoon said. If you have old items, take them to a commission store or, even better, place an ad for sale on a special website. The more reasonable the price, the sooner you will buy your furniture, musical instrument, book, etc. etc. If you have jewels, they can be handed over to a pawnshop and then not redeemed - or redeemed if they are dear to you.


Nobody forbids you to win money. Casinos are now closed (except for special zones), but there are all sorts of lotteries and electronic casinos. Of course, the success of such a venture is very doubtful (show me at least one casino or lottery where you would pay more than you earned), but the probability of winning is small, and a large gain is negligible. There are ways to win money where you need not only luck, but also some knowledge of the subject. So, there are sports prediction sites, where a lot depends on the player’s awareness of the strength of a team or an athlete. You can bet on some favorite and if he wins, earn some money.If for some reason you are sure that a less powerful team or an athlete will win, then in case of their victory you will earn several times more than what you have bet. Another thing is that the likelihood that, for example, the Russian national team in ski jumping will win the next team competition in the World Cup, is extremely small and the money is likely to be lost. No, do not think anything bad - I am a patriot, just need to really look at things. By the way, gambling and predictions - this is the chance, the case where to get a lot of money, but the chance is often very slim.

Financial markets

Today, probably, every child already knows what the forex market is. Yes, this is a currency speculation market (in the good sense of the word). The availability of huge earnings in the foreign exchange market attracts many, especially when you see dozens of examples of successful people who made huge fortunes on the difference in rates. But those who really decided to figure out how to make money in foreign exchange markets find that in order to earn at least a small amount, you need to spend a lot of time and energy studying all sorts of market indicators, shovel hundreds of pages of financial analytics and so on.In any case, I want to note: this method of receiving money is not for freeloaders. Want easy money - play in online casinos, and if you are very lucky, you will win them.

Where to get money for business

It is possible to get a loan for business development from a private bank and from the state. However, for this you will have to try and submit to the bank or to a state institution responsible for issuing loans to individual entrepreneurs, a detailed business development plan. Without such a project, they simply won't talk to you. The benefit of obtaining a loan for business development from the state is that this money can be returned gradually, but this will have to work hard.