Where to go alone?

Want to relax, but no one to take on a trip? Do not be discouraged, because today there are plenty of opportunities to perfectly and safely spend time away from home alone.

What kind of holiday to choose?

In order for a girl to go on vacation alone, without worrying about safety in traveling, it is better to choose the following types of rest:

  • Sea / Ocean / River Cruise. The advantage of it is that the travel agency will develop for you the most interesting route, and you will not need to worry about finding attractions. In addition, you will always be accompanied by guides, curators. During independent walks, just don’t go to the remote corners of cities - follow the standard tourist routes. In addition, on the ship you will be provided with excellent conditions for rest. There will always be medical assistance and other qualified attendants nearby.
  • Bus tours. This type of recreation is similar to the one described above: you will be accompanied, comfortable and safe pastime will be created for you.
  • Special tours for women.Today, many reputable travel companies offer tours for travelers. The peculiarity of such offers is their increased care for clients. In particular, the ladies must provide a transfer, settled in a special hotel where only women live (or on a special floor for women in a regular hotel). Also often offer a list of entertainment, designed for women's preferences: shopping, visiting the best beaches, SPA, etc.
  • Sanatoriums / SPA resorts. Excellent opportunity to improve your health and spend time in complete comfort and safety. Most of the visitors are married couples (often with children) or similar independent travelers, and therefore the risk of getting into some dangerous situation is minimal.

Which countries to choose to visit?

When deciding where to go to relax the girl alone, it is better to choose, first of all, the countries of Western Europe. In addition, you should pay attention to some other countries, renowned for their calm atmosphere and goodwill, respect for tourists of any gender.

  • France, Spain, Italy, Germany. Civilized states that offer tremendous opportunities for amazing holidays.You will be impressed by the local beauty, the level of service in fashionable restaurants and boutiques, and countless legendary sights.
  • Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia. CIS countries, which are also quite popular due to affordable prices and a pleasant atmosphere of calm and relaxation.
  • Cuba. A country with wonderful landscapes, in which there are so many sexy mulatto, you can not worry about their peace and security. Beauty is not uncommon, but because tourists are unlikely to be threatened by crowds of annoying fans.
  • Russia. If you cannot decide on an independent trip abroad, then why not go on a small trip to your native country at first? Order a tour and send it along the Golden Ring of Russia, to Altai, to Karelia, visit some festival in St. Petersburg.

But where it’s dangerous to go alone is to Turkey, Egypt, and also to other Muslim countries with strong religious traditions.

Also in Turkey and Egypt, you will meet a huge number of domestic tourists who came to fame for fame for little money.

As for the Muslim countries, then being there alone, you can easily get into very unpleasant, difficult, and sometimes scary situations. Having a lot of taboos in relation to their women, visiting ladies there are often extremely frivolous.

Travel safety

Talking about the rules of conduct for a lonely tourist in a foreign country can be a long time. We will touch on a few basic points:

  • Before the trip, be sure to read about the cultural features of the country, paying particular attention to existing bans.
  • Upon arrival, find out the phone numbers of emergency services (ambulance, police), the nearest consulate / embassy of your country.
  • Never walk alone at too early / late time of the day.
  • Visit only in crowded places, preferably the same tourists as you.
  • Dress and behave more modestly.
  • Do not trust new friends.
  • Be as polite and friendly as possible with other people so as not to inadvertently incur unnecessary hostility. If someone tries to conflict with you, to bring to the emotions, just ignore these attempts.