How to start privatizing an apartment?

It’s probably not worth telling that privatization is a long, costly and nervous process. Because it is unreal to do something quickly and without problems in our country. And so where to start privatizing an apartment? From the very beginning, it is necessary to obtain approval and consent for the privatization of those who, in fact, are registered in an apartment, room or other living space. It should also be noted that in our country only citizens of the Russian Federation can participate in the privatization process and this can be done only once. You can privatize only municipal and state housing funds, premises that are on the right of day-to-day management or economic management of an enterprise with an agreement on social rent. There are also a number of regulations regarding housing reservation and the privatization of dormitory and service housing. You can privatize not only housing, but also other real estate: villas, garages, land, etc.

Next, you need to find out which family members will be the owner of the apartment or share will be in each registered. Then you need to prepare the documents.

Privatization Documents

  • Copies of the documents prescribed ID: passports, birth certificates (if you have children under 14 years of age), personal identification officer's certificate (if available).
  • Copies of the death certificate previously prescribed and having any relation to the living space.
  • Copies of the certificate of marriage or divorce.
  • Copies, respectively, of documents on the change of surname, name or patronymic.
  • If registered at the address had other places of residence from 06.1991 to the present, then extracts from all house books are necessary.
  • It is necessary to submit certificates of non-participation in the privatization process for each participant.
  • Original documents - a warrant, a passport for residential premises, an exchange warrant, a social security agreement, etc.
  • Documents from BTI (originals only): registration certificate, floor plan with a validity period of at least 6 months at the beginning of privatization.
  • Extract from the house book of housing involved in the privatization process (for at least 20 days at the time of submission).
  • Copies of utility bills for the 3rd month.
  • Redevelopment documents (if available).
  • Documents from the guardianship authorities are required if privatization is made to a minor.

In some regions may require any additional documents, references.To avoid this being a surprise, it is better to consult in advance at the place of registration of housing and ask this tricky question: how to start privatizing an apartment. In some regions there is an opportunity to place an order for the provision of documentation in electronic form, as well as the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the conditions of privatization in your region on the Department’s and Bureau’s website.

Some more documents needed for privatization

If the owner is only one family member, then it is necessary to prepare the refusal of other relatives, respectively, a notarized refusal. You can prepare in advance an application (or statements from all participants) for privatization, the application form can be found on the Internet. This will reduce the time. In terms of the privatization process from the start of collecting all documents to obtaining a certificate, it will be from 4 weeks to several months. So guess the right time and start to act. There is also the so-called urgent privatization, with which intermediary firms can assist, for appropriate remuneration. Also, to clarify controversial issues and difficult situations, the assistance of a qualified lawyer will be useful.This is the answer to the question: how to start privatizing an apartment will be provided by any specialist.

Where to go

After collecting all the above documents, they must be transferred to the Department of Housing Policy and the Residential Fund. Further developments will no longer depend on the participants in the privatization, they will only have to wait. The law stipulates that the relevant documents should be prepared no more than 2 months. After that, each participant in the privatization will receive a “Certificate of State Registration of Rights”. And after that, with his share of living space, you can do anything. It is worth noting that minors can re-participate in privatization. That is, if before the age of 18 a citizen of the Russian Federation has already participated in privatization, then after 18 years, this can be done again.