Do you have a dog?

Before you take a dog into the house, you need to think carefully. We need to weigh the pros and cons. In this article we will tell about it, and you can understand, whether to get a dog to you or not.

Competition for the host

So, you have decided to take the dog into the house. This means that you are ready to love her and take care of her, it would seem, everything is simple. But in fact, taking a puppy into the house, not everyone imagines how it changes lives and how much kindness and patience it will take for this helpless and funny creature to grow and protect him from diseases. This is by no means all. Let's find out why?

It is necessary to understand that the dog’s misfortune or happiness depends on whether it is lucky with the owner or not. And its happiness consists of such components: whether its physiological, physical and zoosocial needs are met. Therefore, first of all, you have to endure a competition for the owner before yourself. This will allow you to avoid a lot of disappointments and sometimes tragedies.

Pros and cons

  • You need to weigh your financial capabilities before you decide to bring the dog into the house.You will need money not only to purchase a puppy. All vaccinations that must be done to the animal will be paid. And there are a lot of them. A visit to a veterinarian or a call to his home is also not a cheap pleasure. Collar, leash, comb, muzzle, mineral and vitamin supplements, which are necessary for the development of dogs. This is not the whole list of possible costs.
  • Some breeds in the care cost even more. These are those that require special care for hair, haircut, trimming, arresting ears, and these are additional costs.
  • Grow and maintain a breeding dog, or a large dog, will cost more. It will be necessary to pay for dog training courses, exhibitions, maintenance of puppies born.
  • A very important factor is time. A dog needs attention at least 2 hours a day. If you are not ready for this, then you do not need a dog. Time is spent on cooking, grooming, walking, nurturing and training.
  • You need to walk every day 2 times a day. It does not depend on the time of year, nor on the weather, nor on the desire or mood, nor on health, nor on your problems. Walking the dog is necessary in order to maintain not only physical but also mental health, otherwise, even a healthy animal can become disabled.
  • Training and education are absolutely necessary for all dogs, as a social and intellectual burden. Large breed dogs need it. With age, an ill-mannered dog can create problems that will be very difficult to solve.
  • Dogs tolerate loneliness very badly, so you need to have time to communicate with her.
  • So, are you ready to give your dog at least 60 hours a month?
  • It would not hurt to answer another question. Do you have enough patience to raise a dog? Wipe the puddles behind her and clean the heaps, stick the torn wallpaper again, change room slippers all the time. And all this is waiting for you while the puppy grows up and you will educate him.
  • Even more patience will be needed when training dogs. Repeated repetition is necessary so that the dog can understand what is demanded of him and what they want to teach.

So, the dog will require additional time and financial costs from you. Deciding whether to start a second dog is also worth it, based on the above possibilities. You will need to buy and carefully study the special literature on dog breeding. This should be done before the dog appears in the house.If all this does not frighten you and the question of whether to get a dog is not worth it for you, then choose a breed that you like and start raising your pet. We wish you good luck!