Which putty is better?

Anastasia Shostak
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Which putty is better?

Putty is a tool that is used as a primer layer for subsequent finishing and for leveling the surface. First of all, during the choice of putty, you need to know the building material of the working surface. Choosing a putty, the question arises: what kind of putty is good. There are several types of putty.

Types of putty

  • The first type is a putty on the basis of drying oil, or oil-adhesive putty. This type of putty is easy to use and has a low cost. But it has its drawbacks. This fragility of putty, moreover, oil-adhesive putty compatible only with linseed oil and oil paints. The main drawback of such putty - health hazards.
  • The basis of the second type is gypsum or cement. These putties are superior to oil-adhesive in quality, but they are more difficult to use. The difficulty in application lies in the fact that the putty on the basis of gypsum or cement must be diluted,when diluting it is necessary to mix the mixture thoroughly and strictly follow the recommended proportions. Such putty can not be stored for a long time, and it is rather uneconomical.
  • Aqueous dispersions are the basis of the third type of putty. Make such putty only from environmentally friendly materials. The link is the aqueous dispersion of the polymer. These putties do not dry out and are safe when stored properly. Keep them in a well-closed container. This type of putty is better than putty based on gypsum, cement or drying oil. But this advantage is reflected in their value.
  • The fourth type - acrylic putty. This type of putty is recognized as the best among the other species. A number of advantages have such putty. These are durability, water resistance and long shelf life without losing their properties.

What is better putty for walls

When choosing a putty for walls, pay attention to the working surface and the purpose of putty: for sticking wallpaper or painting walls. It is better to use dry mixes for wallpapering, and ready-made ones for painting. And the best putty for the ceiling - a mixture of Nivelin, putty on the surface is distributed very well. Also popular putty firms Vetonit KR and Vetonit VH for ceilings.Plitonite K - domestic mixture is also very popular. Putty Petromiks ShF and Forward are very low-budget options.