What is Pedobir?

Anton Kravchenko
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What is Pedobir?

On the Internet you can find a lot of memes that make fun of our life. One of the most famous is pedobir. So who is Pedobir?

Pedobir - the famous Internet meme, as well as the character of the Internet of folklore, which is an image of a humanoid pedophile bear.

The very image of this character is taken from the Japanese bear Kuma, which can be seen on 2channel. The most interesting thing is that Kuma has nothing to do with pedophilia and does not carry any sexual context at all.

Pedobir was widespread thanks to 4chan and other popular forums in which it was used to ridicule pedophilia and how acutely society perceives this problem.

In addition, the popularity of the character brought and his appearance. When you look at him, it seems that he is going to meet, and if you look closely, you realize that he is running. Also characteristic and empty eyes that cause a sense of panic.

When answering the question of who Pedobir is, one cannot help but remember that the bear has a whole company of friends.This is also the characters of the channel 2channel, each of which represents a sexual orientation.