Who were the amazons

The Scythians were nomads who chose the space north of the Black Sea. They did not organize a single state, but engaged in looting nearby settlements. Several times the Scythians tried to destroy the Persians, but these attempts were unsuccessful. A special place in the military shelves of the Scythians was occupied by women. They participated in battles on a par with men, and even were warlords. Historians believe that they became the prototype of the Amazons - women robbers from Greek mythology.

In Greek mythology, Amazons are representatives of the matriarchal society, who have chosen the shores of the Black Sea. Legends say that they cut off their right breast and fantastically archery, killed male children or turned them into slaves. In order not to disappear, the Amazons engaged in sexual contact with the most beautiful men of the surrounding nations. Many Greek mythical heroes dealt with the Amazons: Achilles, and Theseus, and Priam. In some literature you can find evidence that even Alexander the Great met with the Queen of the Amazons Mirina, who wanted a child from him.

The excavations that took place on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan revealed remains of female people buried with weapons, dated to 200-600 BC. Some scientists see these findings as evidence of the existence of the Amazons.