Whose advice to listen to

Listen to the opinions of relatives.
Parents and close family members are those people who, despite their incompetence, can intuitively give the best advice. In complex issues, relying on the subjective opinion of relatives is not worth it, but it makes sense to listen to the point of view of a loving person. Of course, these tips can only be useful if family relationships are not tyrannical.
Consult with professionals.
The best solution is to listen to an expert opinion. Only an experienced person who has repeatedly encountered a similar problem and successfully got out of a difficult situation can suggest the right solution. Those advisers who had experience, but in the end turned out to be negative, can not always make the right conclusion how to proceed. However, their story should serve as an example of how not to act.
Seek advice from a psychologist.
Literate psychologists, as a rule, do not give advice, and help the person to come to a solution to the problem. They ask leading questions and build a logical connection between current and past events.Professional psychologists pay attention to details that may seem insignificant, and can also share personal experiences or tell stories of other people’s behavior in difficult situations.
Seek advice from positive people.
Even an experienced person can give the wrong advice if he is a pessimist or has a negative attitude towards you. Dissatisfied and envious people cannot afford to have anyone succeed with them. They will find a way to dissuade and exaggerate possible difficulties. A cheerful and friendly person, on the contrary, with his faith and optimism will give you strength and confidence, and will also take a sincere part in the search for an optimal solution.
Listen to the views of the realists.
If your acquaintance is a wonderful person, but divorced from life, and the world around him appears exclusively in a pink light, he is not an adviser to you. The proposal of a prudent and pragmatic person may be the right decision, even in the absence of relevant experience. A realist seeks to look at all things simply, while not dramatizing the state of affairs and deprived of a penchant for fantasy.
Be interested in the opinions of successful people.
If you have a friend who has not encountered this problem, but his whole life goes smoothly and smoothly: he is successful at work and in family relationships, then you should listen to his point of view. Lucky people intuitively make the right decisions and by nature have a certain wisdom of life.