Why do brunettes color their hair?

Why are blondes more successful in men than in brown-haired women or brunettes? There is no answer to this question, but what is used is a fact. And no matter how laughed at evil tongues over the wit and intelligence of beautiful women with blond hair, the fashion for blondes does not go away.

Yes, and now there is no difficulty in becoming a blonde, it is very easy to change hair color. An hour of pleasant pastime in the salon, or one and a half - in the hassle, at home, and everything, you can mentally imagine yourself a gorgeous blonde for all times - Marilyn, or another blond "star", which you want to imitate externally.

Despite such a light coloring of hair, when choosing a tone, try to coordinate it with your color. Because it is unlikely that a black-browed and dark-haired dark-complexioned person will have a face with bright colors. And in general, stinging brunettes should not be so radically blondes. Their maximum is three tones, and if you really want blond hair, then make a pair of gold strands near your face.

And even better for dark-haired beauties go to the store selling wigs, and try on a few pieces of different light shades. No wonder the proverb says: try it on seven times, one - paint it.

With a noticeable contrast between blond strands and dark brow color, it is desirable to correct the shade of the latter. Just be sure to complete this process with the help of a special paint, and in order not to spoil it, preferably - in the salon, with a master specialist.

Dark hair with blonding can give unpredictable results. The procedure for imparting the desired shade to a similar hair can take a long time. Therefore, do it in a good hair salon,and then there will be no fear of becoming a gray-brown-crimson particular instead of a blond beauty.

And after the cherished dream has come true, it is time not only to enjoy the miraculous transformation, but also to maintain this golden splendor. Because bleached, dyed in silver and platinum tones, hair tends to change a wonderful shade to the color of yellow straw.

And your task: as long as possible to delay this time, using shampoos and conditioners, tonic balms and styling products for blonde hair.

By the way, do not forget to follow the growing roots of hair, otherwise they can spoil your magnificent appearance. After all, it is very nice to be in the ranks of golden beauties, who occupy the first place in the ranking of the queen women of men's hearts.