Why do people fall in love?

Julia Bukatova
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Why do people fall in love?

"People meet, people fall in love ..." - this line from the old song perfectly describes the life of almost every person on our planet. After all, love is a condition that changes our attitude, our way of life in a fundamental way.

Consider why people fall in love and how it happens.

Why and how do people fall in love

Speaking of love, first of all we think about the physical attraction of people to each other. From a biological point of view, people fall in love in order to continue the human race. However, this biology does not take into account that a person may experience a banal physical and sexual attraction to an object with which he is not even familiar (for example, to his idol), while falling in love is something more and it happens between really close people .

Therefore, being in love is not so much a biological fact as a psychological phenomenon and it is controlled exclusively by the human psyche.And since the psyche of each person is individual and not similar to others, then someone loves love often and easily, while others have been waiting for their soul mate for decades.

One of the reasons why people fall in love is that in another person we see something very similar to ourselves, not only internally, but also externally. That is why the strongest couples are often told: "You are very similar." To love a person who shares your values is much easier and more pleasant.

Of course, a significant factor in the onset of falling in love is that the other person has an interest in you. That is, our egoism tells us: he likes me, it means he has good taste, it means I like him too.

Of course, love is a phenomenon so complicated that you can fall in love with a person who does not look like us at all or to whom we are not at all interested. Until the end of the mechanisms of occurrence of love unknown to mankind. One thing is for sure, every person needs love and seeks for it. That is why sooner or later love comes in all.