Why do you need math?

Today we will talk about why we need mathematics to modern man, as well as some misconceptions associated with it. How much do you hear around the talk of the younger generation that now there are computers and calculators everywhere, so there is no need to study mathematics. This is partly true, but studying mathematics has its own tasks that no computer can replace. The ability to produce simple and complex arithmetic calculations in the mind contributes to the development of logical thinking. Therefore, mathematics helps us to think correctly, stimulates our mental activity. Today, less and less young people strive to occupy their minds with something. If we exclude such a magnificent brain stimulant as math, then mental activity can begin to degrade.

However, not only this reason should encourage the child to study mathematics. There are other important reasons why mathematics is needed in life. Today, technical progress is leaping around the world in leaps and bounds, almost any job requires human knowledge of computer technology, and more and more deeply.If you don’t master math, then, for example, even the basics of programming will seem incredibly complex to a person. What can we say about more complex things, and in research activities without knowledge of mathematics there is nothing to do at all. But what to say about science - the work will arise even at the cashier, if he fails the electronic computing device. In this case, the cashier will not be able to simply calculate the revenue, give the change correctly.

The numbers surround us everywhere, we repeatedly encounter them every day, every hour, almost every minute. Often we need to perform much more complex mathematical operations than just adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying within a hundred. Experience shows that one who knows mathematics and knows how to correctly write and speak, will achieve the desired much easier than one who does not possess this knowledge. Therefore, children from the very beginning need to instill interest and love for these objects. Therefore, to the question "why is mathematics needed - an essay" this thought would be an excellent answer.

And finally, we will dispel one misconception about mathematics. Today, many still believe that there is an inextricable link between mathematical and chess abilities.As evidence, they often cite the names of past world chess champions, who were at the same time major scientists (for example, M. Botvinnik). However, in reality there is no connection between the ability to count and the ability to play chess. A vivid example of this is our illustrious master Alexander Alekhin (correctly pronouncing his surname through "e", not through "e" - Alekhin, and NOT Alekhin). A. Alekhin - the only world champion who remained undefeated, did not know mathematics at all, but was a chess genius. However, now knowledge of mathematics is much more important for life than in those times. However, chess, along with mathematics, are also an excellent tool for training the mind.