Why does the stomach ache during menstruation?

Victoria Matyushkina
Victoria Matyushkina
April 15, 2011
Why does the stomach ache during menstruation?

The period of menstruation for many girls and women is simply unbearable, pain in the abdomen do not give rest. But what happens in the body? Why does the stomach ache during menstruation? Let's figure it out.

Abdominal pain during menstruation: causes

Pain during menstruation familiar to most women. During menstruation, the uterus begins to rhythmically and actively contract, so she tries to remove from her cavity those tissues that have served their time. In some women, pain receptors located in the abdominal cavity are very sensitive and react to every contraction with pain.

Pain can also occur on the background of an increase in the amount of hormones in the blood. These hormones affect the contraction of the uterus and cause the symptoms associated with menstruation.

Abdominal pain in combination with insomnia can be observed with increased activity of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the regulation of hormones in the body.

With menstruation, the stomach can hurt as a result of certain diseases.For example, in the wrong position of the uterus, when it presses on pain receptors. The same pain can be in inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. Pain can be a symptom of infertility. Also observed in young and not giving birth women.

But do not panic and try on all the terrible diagnoses for yourself. It is better to go to the gynecologist and consult why your stomach hurts during menstruation just for you.

Why does the stomach hurt before menstruation

Some women experience pain prior to menstruation. So in some women the stomach hurts 2 weeks before the menstruation. This is the period when ovulation occurs. The pain is associated with rupture of the follicle, accompanied by minor bleeding from the egg. Such pain during ovulation is not a disease. But you can still keep a table of the appearance of pain and, based on it, you can already overcome these unpleasant sensations.

Also, pain can be the initial symptom of pregnancy. In this case, the pain is associated with an increased tone of the uterus. Only one way out - to make a test and consult a doctor.

Pain can be acyclic, not associated with the menstrual cycle. Such pains are observed with adhesions, endometriosis, with stagnation in the small pelvis, with varicose veins of the small pelvis.The cause of pain outside the menstrual cycle can be cystitis, appendicitis, colitis, urolithiasis, and some other diseases. It is necessary to consult a doctor for advice.

Why does the stomach ache after menstruation

Abdominal pain after menstruation can be a serious symptom. So our body tells us about the disease. Pain can be in endometriosis, with various inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. It is imperative to consult a doctor.