Why dream of a sentence?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 7, 2015
Why dream of a sentence?

To dream of a marriage proposal is a symbol of big changes in life. Usually such a dream symbolizes positive changes, but an exact interpretation can be given if we recall all the details of the dream and emotions during it.

Why dream of a sentence that may portend such an interesting dream?Consider more.

How to interpret a sentence in a dream?

A married woman who saw a proposal in a dream should be more careful and not draw attention to herself. If the proposal is made to an unmarried girl from an unfamiliar man, then soon she will meet her soul mate.

If the offer is made with a ring, then there will be or will be true pure love in your life. Perhaps this will be the person who initially irritated and disliked you.

The interpretation of the proposal to marry depends on the feelings that the dreamer experienced during sleep. If, in response to it, you feel joy and delight, then soon you will find a bright love adventure.If the proposal caused anger and rejection in you, your relationship may end soon, even if you thought they were strong.

If the proposal has caused confusion and confusion in you, close people perceive you as a person you cannot rely on, and may soon turn away from you.

A positive response to a marriage proposal promises recognition and respect in reality from their colleagues and friends.

For a man who makes an offer in a dream, such a dream foreshadows many small troubles and troubles. If he observes from the side how they ask for a hand and heart from his acquaintance, then in a few more years he will be single.