Why find money?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
May 27, 2015
Why find money?

Everyone will surely rejoice in finding money on the street. Those who lose money are unlikely to dance with happiness. But what does it mean to find other people's money, and what does it mean to lose it?

Next, we will look at why we need to find money and what it means, according to Old Russian signs, their loss.

Why find and lose money

People sign says that finding someone else's money means finding trouble. To take someone else's good, as you know, is bad. After all, no wonder there is a saying "you will not find good from someone else's good." Why did it happen that finding someone else's money is a bad omen?

  • The thing is that in the old days there was no paper money, there were only coins. However, it is not important what money is made of. Even in ancient times, people knew that the coins themselves were dirty, and if they fell to the ground, they became even dirtier. People have repeatedly noted that the person who raised the coin from the ground, soon fell ill. In most cases, people said that the coin was spoken. This sign took root and later began to talk like that about any money, including paper money.However, it is important to make a reservation here - if a person returned the money, then he was always entitled to a reward. Therefore, if the finder was an honest person, then to find other people's money for him - fortunately.
  • However, the situation was quite different if someone lost and found their own money. They said about such a person that he was lucky. However, it is now believed that the more a person has found a bill (face value), the greater the happiness will be in life.
  • As for the loss of money both in the old days and in modern times, people say that money loses for good luck. And the more lost, the more happiness you will gain.
  • It was believed among the Eastern peoples that to find money was to be in need. Therefore, many people refused the money that lay on the ground. Even if they themselves were in need. It was not shameful to take money from the land only to the poor.
  • At the same time, it was believed that if a person finds money, then luck smiles at him and he should not turn away from it.
  • And in the east it was believed that the money found should be spent as soon as possible and in no case be carried to the house. It is worth noting that such a sign was mainly among pickpockets.