Why get married?

Now there is a tendency in society when young people postpone the entry into legal marriage or completely abandon the idea of ​​legalizing relationships. What is the reason? Should I get married - and why?

As a rule, most often the desire to start a family and form a relationship in the registry office comes from a woman. From childhood, many of them reflect on how they will marry, present their own wedding in pictures, dream of an ideal holiday, a dress and, of course, a fairy-tale prince and a happy life with him until old age. This is one of the reasons why women get married - they just want their wishes to come true.

True, reality can hurt their dreams, because marriage is not only pleasant moments. This is, above all, a responsibility on both sides. This desire together to grow and develop, set goals and support each other in their implementation. These are difficulties that will have to be overcome, as well as constant work on oneself. Therefore, if a girl thinks about marriage, anticipating a carefree life "in pink", then perhaps this decision should be postponed.

Other reasons for marriage

  1. Often get married for another reason - when they want financial well-being. Then marriage becomes a kind of contract between a woman and a man: the husband is responsible for the material side, and the spouse watches the house, settles the life and brings up the children. If at the same time there is mutual respect in the pair, then such a marriage has a good future. Previously, girls were given in wives precisely this way - but feelings and romance could come with time. It happens that girls are looking for an easy life, and therefore strive to find a wealthy man. They don’t want to take any responsibilities on themselves - in this case, marriage is rarely happy.
  2. A conscious decision and deep feelings are another reason to get married. Then the future spouses love each other and understand the essence of marriage - and are ready to take responsibility. Therefore, families with a wedding ceremony in a church often become strong. Just in this case, marriage for spouses - something more than the usual formality. For them, this is something sacred - a promise of loyalty to each other, a willingness to go together along the path of life, with all the joys and difficulties.
  3. Another reason is a common child.For the sake of it often is a marriage - but will it be the right decision? It depends on the future spouses, their interest in living together and raising children, feelings for each other.
  4. Also, in some cultures, there is a forced marriage, when the parents themselves choose the groom's daughter. Between spouses may be a big age difference. Such marriages are met with disapproval and condemnation from the world community.

Refusal of marriage: why?

And now we turn to the case when women and men refuse to marry, preferring civilian - just to live together, without obligations. Usually this option suits men very much - those who are afraid of responsibility and do not want to take it on themselves. And women are more likely to feel some kind of precariousness of such a relationship and are internally concerned about what they will end up with.

Women often refuse marriage, considering themselves to be feminists. For them, marriage is akin to humiliation, enslavement. Is it so? After all, feminism means women's free rights, and marriage can be her conscious choice.

Marriage: what gives?

A marriage gives a woman the feeling that she is protected — behind her husband’s back, who was not afraid to take the plunge. He, in turn, will become more mature and develop more successfully.Of course, this will all happen if for both the creation of a family is a deliberate choice.

Many choose the option of a civil marriage to check the "household compatibility". Suddenly not grow together - they are afraid of the pair. But, if intentions are serious, if you go in one direction, and feelings are mutual and deep enough ... Will household difficulties become a hindrance? Hardly, and if they become - maybe the relationship was not serious?

To enter or not to enter into a legal relationship is up to the couple. It is important to remember only that marriage is not an obstacle. Many believe that he is destroying relationships - not at all, the spouses themselves do it, misunderstanding the essence of the family and their role as a wife or husband. And marriage is only a logical step in the development of relationships.