Why are good girls always alone? Male version

She does not go to places that are not fitting for a decent girl, and has no interests that could compromise her. We have before us a description of some ideal model, although in life quite rarely "good" means "decent". Well, let's say, we will build on this description.

No, humanitarian education is great, who is against? However, those who studied at the philological department are well aware: and there the girls drink and smoke just like those who graduated from some oil and gas or forest engineering institutes. I'm not talking about theatrical universities and the various bred psychos and journals. Is this not a humanitarian education? What else!

Why are good girls always alone? Male version

Well, suppose our girl does not smoke or drink - sorry, what is actually good about it? Is she monitoring her health in this way? Okay, but how does she cope with stress? Read books, go to concerts, ride a bicycle? Why do we, the peasants, precisely this should be close?

Go ahead.She dresses more than decent. What does it mean? She does not follow fashion? A decent outfit is a skirt below the knees and a smooth hairstyle? To dress up in the blue stocking style outside the office is very much to the amateur. "Homeless-style", which for some time comes into vogue, of course, keeps our heroine from harassing on the street, but the overwhelming number of potential suitors will prefer high heels and short skirts to a boring jacket of an indefinite color, shapeless jeans and black worn-out sneakers - this is me as a man say.

Too bright make-up, blood-red lips, extended nails like a vampire, of course, can scare away, but there are quite a large number of girls who, in a “natural” form, are able to horrify an inexperienced admirer even more, and in a war paint they are transformed into a fairy. Just need measure and taste. Our good girl, after all, needs to attract a potential chevalier, and not scare away?

Here, however, a decent objection is at the ready: rate me the way nature has created, no - go on a fig! But this approach narrows the circle of dating literally to one or two single sons of my mother's friends. In short, it is necessary to look appropriately, and already here in the women's arsenal thanks to modern technology and fashion unlimited tools.

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Now about the obscenities and profanity. Well, the language of our girl is not clogged. But does this mean that it is not allowed to tell jokes with her, the funniest of which, as a rule, contain bold expressions? Freud also explained that jokes and obscene momentum are used in speech as signals of sexual interest. If she is against any strong word in the lexicon in principle, then it is not only strictly educated, but also probably alien to intimacy. Of course, it's ugly to make a motherfuckin hide, but to grab at the heart, when you heard this, especially to the place, an unprintable word (in the same anecdote), the teacher of literature in a junior school, rather than the passionate seeker of her husband,

And the biggest "but" in the discourse about a decent girl: she has no interests that could compromise her. What does this mean in practice?

See: many men want their lady in public to look like the same teacher, but in bed was a little more sexy than the heroine Sharon Stone of the "Basic Instinct". This unrealizable dream stirs the imagination of what's good, what a bad boy

Well, you can look and more careless teachers, but as for the bed, there are no options. All men, without exception, want from their beloved "bright and dazzling show" in intimate life.

So, remember: in itself, human nature gives us a similar gift vanishingly rarely. In order for a good girl to be even remotely like the heroine of the film 18 + ... no, even she was just able to do decently what rhymes with the slogan "Better for a man is not!", She had to have "not one and not two experienced" in history lovers. In the most fantastic case (suppose the partners were all just well ... three), she must take a tantric yoga training course. But for this, our decent girl is obliged to mature emotionally, and so much so as to nevertheless have “interests that can compromise”. Otherwise, the man will either get the Snow Queen in bed (and, not possessing the skills of a sex education trainer, will always interact with the “weak likeness of the left hand”), or the good girl had, to put it mildly, not a very good period - otherwise where is she plucked up!? And if she pretends to be decent, and in bed showed miracles of ingenuity, the natural question arises: how often and in what other way can she still deceive?

Why are good girls always alone? Male version

Thus, talking about a decent young lady with a similar set of qualities, we get either completely squeezed, with a bunch of complexes and cockroaches, dreaming of a princess-oligarch princess idiot, or a disguised hypocrite-loser. It is foolish to blame the environment or parents for this - the camouflage tactic is suggested to women by nature itself in order to weed out deliberately poor-quality or inappropriate material.

Of course, very often happens when a girl is really good: she really wants to get married, and to do “without these nonsense”, of course, for a good person. But its strategy has obvious and obvious disadvantages. Men want a "strong family with a bunch of children, and to live happily and die in one day" in women's novels, unfortunately, bad.

First of all, we guys want intimacy, in all senses, and not at all imposed on us "procreation". Maxima that women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex, tested by all the experience of humanity

The question arises: what to do if parents raised a good girl, and around the world more bad boys? Somehow sad to advise her to spoil.Of course, you do not need to drink, smoke, swear with mate and start all the hard. Especially when there is no craving for it. But first you need to prioritize and follow them clearly.

First, decide: what do you really want from the chosen one? His resource as the father of future children? Then, perhaps, young ladies simply should not look for a husband among their peers - this is obviously, in almost every first case, a losing strategy. But what if all the adults and the "playful" males are dismantled into families, burdened with a bunch of obligations, etc.? In addition, it is necessary to take into account that in such a masculine “goodness” there is a lot of routine, it is sad as a well-known substance. Some, however, manage to find a partner, in all his own kind, the superscriptive suitor, however, according to the proverb, two nightingales do not sing on the same branch.

Why are good girls always alone? Male version

Secondly, if a decent girl wants “simple human happiness” in the company of a loved one, then her mother’s advice and a picture of the world soaked with her milk (where “even the cat she has is schooled, like a Suvorov cadet, and wears claws in a certain place ") must be lowered into the toilet and forgotten.This is a lottery with a chance to win about how to break a hundred million bank. Some, of course, like, citing the experience of some acquaintances (usually grandparents), to struggle all their lives and seek, seek, seek ...

Is there any intelligible advice to give here, besides “Do not be so positive, look at the circumstances, expand the circle of acquaintances, but do not narrow down”? Unfortunately, it is impossible to alter a person if the “positivity” is real - it is a character trait. Men really prefer the one that has more breasts, as in the famous joke, the one who will hit a good game on the stock exchange or cook an awesome penne al dente with truffle sauce. And, of course, it's not about physical data. Simply, the girl must first understand herself and realize her priorities, and not sit quietly and want to get married.