Why is the cat screaming?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
February 15, 2013
Why is the cat screaming?

Cats are the favorite pets. We love them, take care of them, but they, like all living beings on earth, want a free and good life. And sometimes this desire turns into an annoying meow! So why is the cat screaming?

Became an adult

Cats, like people, grow up and they have certain needs that we all understand. Therefore, if your cat or cat is very screaming, then most likely your pet wants to "walk". Therefore, either bring him a pair for “love pleasures” or just wait with patience for this time. You can buy special preparations for animals at this time. But we do not advise to do this, as it can seriously damage the state of your animal. So carefully read the side effects on all the drugs that you give to your pets!

If the cat is still a kitten

If you have just bought yourself a little fluffy ball, then, most likely, he has not yet adapted to independent living. He still remembers his mother's warmth and games with his brothers and sisters.Therefore, there is nothing special if at first the kitten will squeak and meow. The more attentive and caring you will be, the faster the cat noise will stop in your house.

Need to catch a mouse

Cats are predatory animals, although not threatening to humans. Therefore, if he lives in greenhouse conditions, where it is not possible to catch a mouse or, in extreme cases, a bug, it will be very difficult for him to cope with his instincts. Therefore, often in the morning the cats meow and scratch the door, wanting to just go hunting. This is one of the reasons why the cat screams at night and does not allow you to sleep sweetly.

Got sick

A cat cannot speak for a man, unfortunately, fortunately for himself — it can meow and signal that he is sick. Carefully inspect your cat or cat, feel the entire animal completely! If in some place the cat meows or wants to slip out of your hands, then in this place he has a problem. So urgently carry him to the vet. This may be an allergy to food or even a more serious disease that can destroy your animal! Be carefull.

We list the main reasons why cats scream or meow strongly.