Why do lips dry?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 15, 2011
Why do lips dry?

How can we not love the feeling when we dry the lips. It seems that they have huge growths of dry skin that will never run out. The reasons for this may be different. Let's see why dry and cracked lips. What signals our body with such an indicator, and how to fix it?

Why lips dry: reasons

  • A small amount of water that enters the body. Due to dehydration, the body loses the ability to fill its cells with water molecules, which are responsible for moisturizing the skin. Try to drink more water. It is desirable spring.
  • Low blood sugar. Increase the proportion of sweets in your daily diet.
  • Lack of various vitamins in the blood leads to undesirable consequences, including vitamin deficiency is the reason why lips are cracked. Many vitamins go to restore the body after an illness. For any disease, doctors recommend drinking plenty of water to constantly replenish the supply of trace elements and nutrients.
  • Lack of iron often causes cracks in the lips.In this case, you need to contact your doctor, who will tell you what drugs you need to use to restore the stock of iron in your body.

Why corners of lips dry

Usually, the fabrics on the corners of the lips are torn due to lack of fat and moisture. To overcome this problem, you need to apply a special skin cream before going to bed. This is a healing cream with panthenol and chamomile. Apply a thick layer and leave it overnight.

And another rule to remember when caring for your lips. Do not use lipstick containing glycerin. Use herbal lipstick. Glycerin takes moisture from the lips in dry and heated rooms.