Why is it shocked?

Often at home, when you touch some household appliances, do you feel that you are being shocked? The same situation can occur when contacting metal objects, or, for example, when you have greeted someone by the hand. What is the matter, and why is a person beating with electricity?

Reasons for which shocks

It's all about static electricity. One of the ways of its occurrence is friction between bodies (friction of clothes made of wool, of synthetics on the human body, friction of a plastic comb over hair, etc.).

Both of these bodies must be dielectrics, that is, made of a material that is not capable of conducting electrical current, or semiconductors (the current is passed, much worse in contrast to conductors). With friction, there is a certain redistribution of electrons. In the end, it turns out that positively charged particles accumulate on one of the bodies, and negatively charged particles accumulate on the other. The opposite charges, as it is known, are attracted. When we wear synthetic clothes, comb our hair with a plastic comb, the body collects free electrons. This happens repeatedly, as a result, an electrical charge accumulates in the human body.The body, in turn, is an excellent conductor (it consists approximately of 70% of water - the current conductor). This allows him to conduct and, accordingly, accumulate electrical charges. When you touch another body or grounded object (battery, refrigerator) instantly discharges.

Why is it shocked when shaking hands, touching another person? Most likely, it is a matter of a small resistance of your body, since any organism has a certain electrical resistance. All people have different resistance, it depends on many factors (for example, temperature, pressure, mood). Also contributes to the accumulation of electricity material clothing. Synthetics are better to change to clothes made from natural fabrics, use antistatic agents for clothes.

In case of household appliances, it strikes with current, the problem may lie either in the wiring malfunction or in the absence of grounding. If, for example, a washing machine is hitting current, then it is necessary to ground the casing of all equipment, as with modern principles of manufacturing technology, the voltage on the equipment casing is inevitable.�It is also advisable to make all the sockets in your apartment with grounding.

Since the discharge is capable of incapacitating a computer or laptop, there are special bracelets for working with such equipment. They are put on the arm and connected with a wire to the grounded part of the device.

Mystery with birds

Each of us sometimes noticed how birds sit on power lines that carry a huge amount of volts. You probably have a question about why the birds do not strike with a current? It's simple - between the bird and the wire on which it sits, there is no difference in voltage. Birds sit only on one wire, while not in contact with the ground. That is, the voltage of the bird and the wire are the same. If the bird accidentally touches the next wire with its wing, a closure will occur, and then it will die. Fortunately, the wires are usually located at a considerable distance from each other, and this fact makes their contact almost impossible.

Useful tips

There are many ways to deal with static electricity. For example, in winter, when the air is too dry, it is recommended to use air humidifiers in the apartment.For any clothes made of synthetics, use the so-called "antistatic agents" (in the form of a spray). Even when washing, you can add special fabric softeners. In order for you not to beat the current, for example, when leaving the car - process anti-static mats, seat covers. When you get out of the car, you must first touch it with keys, only then - with your hand.