Why doesn't the video open?

Gulnara Gurbanova
Gulnara Gurbanova
March 26, 2015
Why doesn't the video open?

On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting and useful information. One of the main ways to get information is video. This can be either a movie or an entertainment video, as well as a whole series of lessons. But, there are situations when streaming video does not open. Why is this happening and what to do about it? In order to answer this question, we consider several reasons.

Flash Player: old version or problems

This is one of the most common causes of problems with playing videos on the Internet. The fact is that this is the most popular widget for browsers. In order to fix this problem, it is enough to reinstall this program on your computer or laptop. To do this, go to and there is absolutely free to download this add-on, then install it.

If Flash Player has already been installed, but there are difficulties with playing the video, you should reinstall it. To do this, simply delete it.You need to go to the control panel, select the "Programs" icon, go to the "Programs and Features" subgroup, find the name of the Adobe Flash Player and click "delete". This procedure takes a few seconds, then you can safely reinstall the program.

Javascript disabled

It happens that this component is disabled in the browser settings, and therefore the video is not played.

If you use Google Chome, you need to go to the settings and click "Content Settings". A window will open where you need to click “Enable JavaScript.”

Very low internet connection speed

The reason why the video does not open can be articles and not enough high speed Internet connection. In case you notice that the video “freezes” while watching, you should increase network traffic or change provider.

It is also very important to clean your computer from viruses regularly. For this you need to download or buy antivirus. For example, Dr Dr.Web CureIt or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. Malicious programs / viruses can break the connection to the Internet, and then the video will not play.