Winter 2015 Fashion Trends

Fashion in winter 2015 promises to be quite democratic and for the first time in a long time several elegant trends will be devoted to women with magnificent forms.

The favorites of the winter season in fashion for the full are dresses: elegant "cases", models with high waist, dresses with asymmetrical hem.

fashion for full

The color scheme can be restrained and contain shades of brown, gray, khaki, and with the inclusion of more saturated colors: crimson, red, gold, pink, emerald.

fashion colors

The most popular are prints with oriental, small geometric and floral motifs.

Major fashion trends

The asymmetry of cut and color attracted not only fashion designers developing models for lush women. Fashion 2015 claims that true beauty lies in the lack of perfection, so the most important trend of this season is the absence of symmetry.

Asymmetry is played up by the cut, texture and color of the fabric, accessories, and decorative elements.

fashion asymmetry

Fashionable colors of the current season will bring a lot of trouble to people who prefer classic colors.At the peak of popularity, the most unexpected combinations: orange and green, red and yellow, etc.

In order to avoid screaming bad taste in the selection of fashionable colors, it is important to adhere to the basic rules:

  • in the ensemble should be no more than 2-3 bright colors;
  • tones should be pure or transitional: pure - the seven colors of the rainbow; transitional - intermediate shades between similar tones (turquoise, olive, etc.);
  • primary colors are opposed to each other, creating the effect of irreconcilable rivalry

fashion bright colors

Street Fashion 2015

Street fashion - a kind of projection of designer shows, be sure to adopt the main trends seen on the catwalk. Thus, the free cut of outerwear, which came from the line of fashion for the full, became a real hit of the season.

A shapeless coat that looks two sizes larger than you need is the main trend of street fashion 2015.

The same applies to cloaks: a free silhouette in combination with fashionable color will create a stylish bright image.

formlessness is back in fashion

Do not ignore the favorite fashionable winter - colorful fur. Fur is found everywhere: they make scarves, clamps, vests, hats, outerwear, used to decorate accessories.

Outdoor fashion remains quite demanding for footwear: models with a sloping heel are becoming increasingly popular, which looks unusual, original and unusual.

Stocking boots, moccasins, lace-up ankle boots and unbooted narrow stiletto heels remain at the peak of popularity.

fashionable accessories

The accessories of the winter season allow you to bring the created style to perfection, but at the same time do not dwell on one image. A variety that emphasizes the inner state of the soul - this is the main direction in the fashionable winter of 2015.

Long gloves made of leather, suede or textile, classic look or decorated with sparkling stones - an indispensable element of the winter image of the fashionista.

Along with this sophistication, gloves with biker-style elements continue to be popular: without fingers, with rivets, figured holes.

Wide belts made of leather made of fur can be worn this season not only with dresses and blouses, but also over coats, fur coats and raincoats.

Fashion scarves are striking in their diversity: fur stoles, knitted snoods, silk kerchiefs, luxurious boas — all these accessories allow you to create a single harmony of the image, as well as bring bright notes of contrast into it.

The decorations for the winter-2015 season are united by the desire for originality, singularity, and a bit of shocking.

Rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches are distinguished by their catchy appearance and rather large size. Massive products of various shapes, made of plastic, metal, leather and fur are combined with large stones that attract the eye.

The asymmetry fashionable this season reinforces the tendency to wear a single earring, balancing the created image with a large brooch from the opposite side.

fashion jewelry

The abundance of fashion trends that are gaining popularity in the cold season of 2015, allows a woman to look stylish and unique in any setting, while maintaining her own personality and charm.